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Music Appreciation 101:8 - It's Not the Horn. Whistlers.

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Subtitle: How Much Did You Spend on Your Instrument?

The purpose of this chapter is to show that music must come from within you. Many players get so focused on the difficulties of playing their horn that they don't manage to get their musical feeling out the bell.

We have already looked at the ocarina and harmonica, either of which can be obtained for very little money. Now let's look at a no-cost medium: whistling.

There are some very high-level whistlers in the musical world. Having only their mouth and wind, they can make beautiful music. There are a couple examples you may already know. If you watch the old Andy Griffith show (in syndication), you may have noticed the theme song is whistled. In this case, the performance is by the soundtrack composer, Earl Hagen. An earlier example is the theme to the movie "The High and Mighty," an Academy-Award-winning movie. In this soundtrack the main theme was whistled by Muzzy Marcellino, who is the whistler on several other soundtracks as well: IMDB Listing for Muzzy Marcellino.

Below are some examples of whistlers in classical and jazz style.

Nice rendition of Danny Boy, whether you are whistling or playing:

A man who whistles through his hands:

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