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Army Conference - More Photos

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One thing about The United States Army Band's Tuba-Euphonium Conference: you get to see a lot of friends! This year was no exception, plus I got to see some business associates as well.

This was my first chance to meet face-to-face with Bryan Doughty, one of the owners of Cimarron Music (the company that publishes all my music and books). But, being in a daze apparently, I did not get a photo! Take my word for it - he looks nice and smiles a lot.

I was a little more on the ball when I met up with Roger Behrend, former euphoniumist with The U.S. Coast Guard Band and current principal euphonium with The U.S. Navy Band, and Gary Buttery, former principal tuba with The U.S. Coast Guard Band and tubist with the euphonium-tuba quartet Alchemy:

Then I got to spend some quality time with Paul Riggett, the owner of Sterling Musical Instruments and the man who does most of the work building Sterling Virtuoso euphoniums. We were able to sort through several issues and I learned a lot about the horn and the process of making it. Plus he's just a nice guy and fun to talk to. In this shot we both look a little dazed, which was pretty accurate at the time this was taken:

Here is a shot of the alumni ensemble just before we played:

Euphonium players are:

Front Row, Left to Right:

Brian Bowman, Roger Behrend, Lucas Spiros, Dave Werden, David Miles, Don Burleson, Dave Cobb

On the Left Side of the Back Row are:

John Mueller, Phil Franke, Mark Larson, and Bob Powers.

The player sitting just to my right in the alumni photo above is Luke Spiros, former euphonium soloist with The U.S. Marine Band. If you get the chance, try to meet Luke. He's a very robust character and a nice guy. He gave me a lot of encouragement early in my career when I was striving to get up to speed. Here's a closer shot:

Of course, there are a couple other things to do besides meeting and greeting, such as the displays of horns, displays of music, recitals, master classes, and concerts!