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Euphonium Duet - Endearing Young Charms

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One of my more popular arrangements is (Believe Me If All Those) Endearing Young Charms, originally adapted for euphonium by Simone Mantia. I was recently asked about my motivations for writing a duet version.

First, if you don't already know the arrangement, it can be found on the Cimarron Music website:

Just click on the red eighth-note icon on the right side. It is MP3 file. You can right-click it and choose to save the link, which will download it to your computer.

I arranged the duet after hearing the Childs Brothers perform one of their amazing duets. It seemed like a wonderful idea, and Endearing Young Charms seemed like the perfect vehicle. I follow most of the patterns in the Mantia version. The effect of two euphoniums playing in harmony is so nice that I tend to prefer this version over the solo version. The recording features me and Danny Vinson in a live performance with The United States Coast Guard Band.

The original song, from which Mantia built his arrangement, was done by Thomas Moore. His words can be found on this page:

Mantia was a fantastic player who performed for about 50 years. From listening to old recordings, Mantia's clarity on slurred 16ths or 32nds is the best I have ever heard on a non-compensating euphonium. It reminds me of a story I heard about a solo competition he won. Some of the players who did not win complained to the judges that Mantia's euphonium must have had special modifications to enable him to play fast passages so impressively. The judges disassembled Mantia's horn, which proved that it was a standard Conn euphonium. Mantia truly was an amazing player, especially considering he spent most of his time playing trombone. He never learned to double or triple tongue, but it was reported that he could single tongue faster than any cornetist could multiple tongue.

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