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Fuzzy Sound?

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If you have noticed your sound has gotten fuzzier recently, one possible cause is a mouthpiece that has become really dirty in the critical BORE area. Hold your mouthpiece up to the light so you are looking into the small end. The inside from the end nearest you to the bowl of the mouthpiece should be very smooth looking. If not, you need to clean it out. The easiest way is with a mouthpiece brush made for the purpose. It is long and tapered so it fits in nicely from the small end of the mouthpiece. In a pinch, I have also used paper towels. Run water through the back of the mouthpiece to flush out as much as possible. Then take the corner of a paper towel and start twisting it. When you have made a tight code that is a little longer then the mouthpiece, you can screw it into the small end of the mouthpiece. Keep twisting and pushing until a bit of the towel sticks out through the throat of the mouthpiece into the bowl. Then withdraw it, rinse, and do it again. Keep doing this until the towel comes out clean. While you are at it, wash out the bowl carefully with soap and water, and also wash the rim. Rinse it all off and play a bit. You should hear a difference (and you might have cleaned off a few germs in the process).