Monster Oil LogoI learned of Monster Oil several years ago. The company was formed by 3 trumpet players from The U.S. Coast Guard Band and their first products were some very fine synthetic oil. They also had a Doc Severinsen model that was very thin and fast. At some point early on they came out with a synthetic slide grease. Back then I did not want to use synthetic oil, but I really liked their slide grease. It had just to viscosity I was looking for.

I've been on the Monster email list since then and recently heard them bragging about their new "Eco" line, which is vegetable based. They said that players did blind testing and preferred this to the Monster synthetic oil. Then I heard some very good reports from Schmitt Music, and I decided it was time to check it out.

It has been two weeks now and I find that I like this oil better than any I've tried! The JM oil I had used for the past year is a very close second, but this seems to last just slightly longer. It is very smooth and, if there IS an odor, I don't detect it.

As part of my regular routines I check the bottom caps every week or so to see what is building up. My worry was that a completely different formula might cause more build up, but I see no difference from the JM oil.

If you local music store has it, you should pick some up. Otherwise, Amazon has a nice bundle with both the oil and grease here:

Monster Vegetable-Based Valve Oil and Slide Grease

Here is a closeup of the label:

Monster ECO Oil Label

And in case you are worried about the warning, here is what the inside of the label says (I assume that is standard stuff: don't drink it or inhale it):

Monster  Oil Cautionary Label