The International Tuba-Euphonium Association is a valuable organization. They have conferences in various locations where you can hear top artists, see the latest music and instruments, and meet many new/old friends. They publish a quarterly journal, which is currently being expanded to include content for players of all abilities and ages. You can be a member and get the electronic journal for only $35/year! If you prefer a printed journal that is available for $55/year. Learn more here:

But to focus on ONE of the benefits, consider the quarterly Journal, where you will find some invaluable tips and advice on practice, often with specific advice on certain common excerpts.

Here are some examples from the past few years

- Steven Mead: Preparing The Horovitz Concerto

- Expert’s Excerpts: Maherl’s Symphony No. 2 By Jarrett Mccourt
- Develop Your Sound By Oystein Baadsvik

- How To Play Relaxed But Powerfully By Øystein Baadsvik

- Polishing Your Preparation: By Genevieve Clarkson, Steven Darling, Fernando Deddos & Chris Dickey
- Ten Trombone Tips For Euphonium Players By John Mueller

- Experts' Excerpts: Schuman's When Jesus Wept By Mark Jenkins

- Experts' Excerpts For Euphonium By Patrick Nyren Pineapple Poll By Arthur Sullivan/Mackerras

- Experts' Excerpts: Euphonium - The Planets By Gustav Holst

- Experts' Excerpts: J'ai Ete Au Bal By Donald Grantham (Charles Goodman)

- Experts' Excerpts For Tuba: Hungarian March By Hector Berlioz (Aaron Tindall)

- Experts' Excerpts For Tuba: Hungarian March By Hector Berlioz (Aaron Tindall)
- Military Corner: A Guide To Military Band Auditions: Preparation (Matthew Shipes)

- Experts' Excerpts: A Step Ahead March (Erik Lundquist)

- Experts' Excerpts For Euphonium: Symphonic Metamorphosis, Mvt. Iv- March (Hindemith/Trans. Keith Wilson) (Irving Ray)

- Experts' Excerpts For Tuba: Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique (Seth Horner)

- Experts' Excerpts For Tuba: "Short Ride In A Fast Machine" By John Adams (B. 1947) (David Zerkel)

- Experts' Excerpts: Molly On The Shore By Percy Aldridge Grainger (Matthew Shipes)
- Experts Excerpts: A Lesson With Tom Mccaslin On Excerpt From Symphony No. 7 By Anton Bruckner: "Put Articulations In The Spotlight" (Tom Mccaslin)

- Experts' Excerpts For Tuba: Celebration Overture By Paul Creston (Simon Wildman)

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