I just came across the review of my "International Songbook for Euphonium" from the online journal of the International Tuba-Euphonium Association. You would need to be a member to see the whole journal, but I have their permission to reprint reviews of my own material.

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The International Songbook for Euphonium. Euphonium and Piano. Traditional. Arranged by David R. Werden. Cimarron Music Press. www.cimarronmusic.com. CM5374. 2022.

Range: B-flat – g1
Difficulty Level: II-III
Piano Difficulty: Easy-Medium

The International Songbook for Euphonium is a collection of pieces that range from simple folk songs to works by masters like Schubert and Mozart. The difficulty varies from pieces that any high school musician could successfully approach to more advanced works that experienced performers will find stimulating and rewarding.

The entire collection is inspired by and dedicated to Mr. Henry Charles Smith. David Werden, the arranger, writes:

My love of playing songs grew when I studied with Henry Charles Smith. After going through whatever difficult material we had for the day, we would invariably end the lesson with Henry at the piano and me reading over his shoulder. He chose songs from his books of oratorios that were perfect for the euphonium’s capabilities. Even though I could usually sight read the notes, the power of the music drew me out (and he would offer suggestions as he sensed the need).

There is a broad selection of melodies and tunes for the performer to choose from, including folk songs taken from a cross-section of material from the USA, England, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, and Austria (a good groundwork for an international-themed recital program perhaps?). Also in the collection are melodies from American composer Stephen Foster, pop culture, children’s songs, encore material, worship service music, and, finally, a group labeled “The Road Less Traveled,” referring to a collection of songs from various unusual origins.

The pieces themselves are well arranged with piano, thanks to the work of Sara Brunk, who worked closely with Werden. I found these tunes to be sublime, with a lovely bouquet of contrast between simple beautiful melodies and more demanding technical pieces of familiar tunes. The wonderful utility of a collection like this is its flexibility. These can be good pieces for study by younger students or for performances for solo competitions, worship services, or school or community recital programs. This is a collection of simple musical delectables for anyone looking to fill their daily diet of good music.

Dr. Chris Combest, Middle Tennessee State University

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You can get the book from Cimarron Music:

Here is a list of the songs in the book, as well as the country of origin/attachment:

Schubert Sonata, D.959, CLASSICAL, AUSTRIA
Gervaise Allemande, accompanied
Gervaise Allemande, unaccompanied, FRENCH
Bist Du Bei Mir, GERMAN
If With All Your Hearts, CLASSICAL, GERMAN
Mozart Alleluia, CLASSICAL
Alle Vögel Sind Schon Da, GERMAN
Das Wandern Ist Des Müllers Lust, GERMAN
Kerry Dance, IRISH
Last Rose of Summer in Bb, Unaccompanied encore, IRISH
Last Rose of Summer in Eb, Unaccompanied encore, IRISH
Robin Adair variations, IRISH
Hacia Belén va una burra (Rin Rin), SPANISH
Aura Lea (Love Me Tender), USA
Golden Slumbers Kiss Your Eyes, USA
Stephen Foster: Beautiful Dreamer, USA
Stephen Foster: Jenny June, USA
Stephen Foster: Some Folks and Some Folks Polka, USA