Many of you know I recently became (officially) an Alliance Artist. I was using an Alliance DC4 and now use the DC3, after many years of playing other mouthpiece from the Denis Wick brands.

It is an usually comfortable mouthpiece! I don't know if it is because of the rim width or contour alone, or if the cup and backbore contribute to comfort by the way the respond. Whatever the case, it surely feels great! I have to thank David Childs for putting me on that track, because I had become skeptical that I would find a non-Wick mouthpiece that I wanted to use. My love of David's playing and sound swayed me.

I have to share this clip from 4 Bars Rest, which deals with some recent moves by Alliance. As far as I can remember, they used a word that has not been used in reference to me before, but I am flattered. Besides that, I love creative word use!