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  1. Dealing with Temperature Variations

    Are you aware of the ways that temperature and humidity can affect your performance? Between my experience with rehearsals and performances, I have played on stages as cool as 65 degrees and as warm as 90 degrees. Humidity has also been all over the map.

    Your intonation will be strongly affected by temperature. On a hot stage, you are probably going to be sharp. If you are playing with strings or piano, the effect can be just the opposite on them, so your tuning slide may need to be ...
  2. Salvation Army Cornet Solos (also Great for Euphonium)

    The Salvation Army has recently made available for the general public some of its wonderful line of brass solos. There is a previous post about their euphonium solos, but many euphoniumists will also want to explore some of the cornet solos. I have played several of the solos below. A Happy Day By Erik Leidzen. Solo for Trumpet/Cornet. Level: 6. I have played this one on several recitals and in church.See more info... All Through The Night By C. Dove. Solo for Trumpet/Cornet. Level: ...
  3. Euphonium Duet - Endearing Young Charms

    One of my more popular arrangements is (Believe Me If All Those) Endearing Young Charms, originally adapted for euphonium by Simone Mantia. I was recently asked about my motivations for writing a duet version.

    First, if you don't already know the arrangement, it can be found on the Cimarron Music website:

    Just click on the red eighth-note icon on the right side. It is MP3 file. You can right-click ...
  4. This Site on NPR's Morning Edition

    The National Public Radio (NPR) show Morning Edition just ran a segment featuring the tuba. It featured Carol Jantsch, Roger Bobo, and Symphonia (the large tuba-euphonium ensemble whose home page is hosted here on this site: Symphonia Home Page). The segment used music that is on our site:

    1) Roger Bobo playing Carnival of Venice (available to members of the Euphonium-Tuba Forum)

    2) William Tell Overture by Symphonia (from Symphonia's website, on the Recordings ...
  5. Free MP3 of U.S.Air Force Band - Hanukkah Medley

    From an album of holiday music by The United States Air Force Band called "Joy to the World," we are offering this free music download of their arrangement of O Hanukkah, Maoz Tzur, and Hanukkah Prayer. The arrangement is by TSgt Alfred Newman and MUCM Jerry Brubaker.

    Hanukkah Songs
  6. Poll Results Archive

    Regular visitors know that this site has a different poll on the home page every month. There are now 6 years of results available to view. Just go to this page:

    Past Polls

    Learn what users have to say about various questions.
  7. The Perfect Mouthpiece

    A seemingly never-ending topic of heated discussion among euphonium players is "mouthpieces." Everyone from young students to professionals to retired hobbyists wish to have the perfect mouthpiece. It is fair to say that you like a given mouthpiece the best, that it is the best choice for you, or even that it imparts certain specific qualities compared to other mouthpieces. But it is also fair to say that there is no perfect mouthpiece for everyone.

    As one progresses on their instrument, ...

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  8. 2007 Contest Results - North American Brass Band Association

    For those who do not already know, the NABBA holds a contest every year in the USA for amateur brass bands (plus solos and ensembles). Here are this year's results.


    CHAMPIONSHIP SECTION (Judges: Stephen Bulla, Bram Gregson, Lt. Col. Thomas


    o 1. Fountain City Brass Band (Joseph Parisi) - 293.0 points

    o 2. James Madison University Brass Band (Kevin Stees) - 289.4 points ...
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