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  1. Memorizing and Sight Reading

    I would like to memorize more often than I do. Playing without music, once you get to the point where you really have it memorized, frees you in several ways. But it takes time to get to that "safe" point.

    When you are looking at the music stand you are somewhat "locked" in position. That could actually be an advantage in a recording session if there is a mic on your bell, but for a live audience it limits your freedom to move along with your musical expression. You may also find that
  2. No Dog and Pony Show in Church

    Many years ago I had the good fortune to be able to buy a double-bell euphonium. Its uses are somewhat limited. I own an excellent professional-quality euphonium, which does a better job in most cases. But now and then it is nice to play the double-bell euphonium, either as an educational tool or because its qualities are appropriate to the medium at hand.

    I have used it a few times for solos like Carnival of Venice. In this setting it is very effective when I switch quickly between ...
  3. New Tuba CD Review: Nick Etheridge, Once Clear Call

    Nick Etheridge

    One Clear Call - New Music with Tuba

    This album is part of a larger project by the gifted tubist Nick Etheridge to record a variety of music that features tuba. He is not limiting himself to the usual concerto-type, sonata-type, or variations-types of compositions, but rather is using creative arrangements and compositions to create many different moods and textures. On this recording the instrumentation uses mixed ensembles including (on different tracks) ...
  4. Video: David Childs, A Little Prayer

    Here and see the great euphoniumist David Childs (yes, he is a son of one of the Childs Brothers) doing A Little Prayer. The British seem to have a real heart for this type of music, and a fine artist like David can make it really great. (Also watch him play Flight of the Bumblebee and Brillante)

  5. Free MP3: National Emblem March, U.S. Marine Band

    With Memorial Day coming up it seems appropriate to get some good march music playing! This free download is of "The President's Own" United States Marine Band from Washington, D.C., playing National Emblem by E. E. Bagley. It's a great march and features a snippet of the National Anthem. You can also hear its memorable theme in the second strain, which is often sung with the lyrics, "Oh the monkey wrapped his tail around the flag pole."

    National Emblem March by Bagley, U.S. Marine ...
  6. Video: Holy Holy Holy, arr. by Philip Sparke - Dave Werden, Euphonium

    Here is a video of a special arrangement of John Dykes' famous hymn "Holy Holy Holy" that we did for church on Sept. 14. This is from Philip Sparke's wonderful book of hymns set in special arrangements. This one is at the end of the book and is the hardest, but it is still not beyond most decent players. Range only goes up to a concert G and no multiple tonguing is required (although it can be used to "spark" thinks up a bit). There are two publications:

    Solo part and accompaniment ...
  7. Taking Music Seriously - Or NOT

    In 1981 the great British euphoniumist Barrie Perrins sent me a letter with some interesting enclosures. One had to do with jokes. It was an article he wrote for the magazine The Musician and was titled "It's a Funny World."

    The last part of the article dealt with musical jokes, and it told one of my favorite stories. It's a favorite partly because it points out the ease with which some reviewers (and "regular" people) assume something is good just because it's new. Here is the section: ...
  8. New Design for Main Site - Responsive!

    The main portion of my site now has a new design. It was time to freshen the look, and it was really time to make the site more mobile friendly. The site should now automatically adjust to the size of the small screen (you can try it by re-sizing your desktop PC's browser window if you want).

    So far I have modified the home page, About Us section, articles, book, music, and a few other pages. There are more on my list to do, and I will get to them when I have a chance.


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