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  1. Links Page Updated

    The Links page has been re-arranged and updated. It is now more convenient to use and has many new links.
  2. How to Tune

    This message was posted by Gus Pratt on the Onelist TUBAEUPH discussion list several years ago. It is still a good discussion.

    When tuning the valves the most critical thing is that you think about whats going on with the horn from a techincal aspect. If you tune the first valve first, then when you adjust your main tuning slide the note you tuned with the first valve is now out. Here's the order that I would use, some of which will need a tuner.

    1. Tune to concert Bb
  3. Difference Between Boosey Hawkes and Besson

    Originally posted on the TUBA Discussion List several years ago, by "Klaus":

    Boosey, Besson, and Hawkes merged under the same umbrella with Boosey & Hawkes as the company name.

    When I entered the world of brass in 1960 there were still 2 set of brand names:
    • B&H had Imperial engraved on their top line (stamped Class A) and Regent engraved on their second line (stamped Class B).
    • Besson had New Standard engraved on their top line (Class A) and Westminster on their
  4. What is a Double-Bell Euphonium?

    They were made to give the euphonium more versatility, so you could better match the trombones, horns, etc. or to give a lighter sound when playing with bassoons, etc. Soloists use(d) the extra bell for special effects, such as echoes.

    The last valve on the horn (either 4 or 5) was used to switch the sound from one bell to the other -- both could not play at the same time. On better horns, the playing qualities were pretty good with the large bell, and not bad with the small one. Each ...
  5. Earle Louder CD's Available

    This message was posted on the SmartGroups-TubaEuph discussion list:

    I am excited to be able to tell you that after nearly 50 years of performing and teaching excellence, Dr. Earle Louder is releasing not one, but three CDs. They are all from live recordings spanning his entire career with the Navy Band and Morehead State University as well as a few pieces from his Doctoral Recitals at the University of Florida. The cost is $19 for one CD, $28.50 for two CDs and $41 for three CDs ...
  6. Updated Forum

    The software that runs our Forum has just had a major update. There are new convenience features available to you (as well as a new look). More features will added in the future as I learn how to use them! Follow the link below to see it in action.

    TubaEuph Forum
  7. New Euphonium Solo: Concert Polka - Jenny Wren

    Cimarron Music has just published my new arrangement of Concert Polka - Jenny Wren by Roland Davis. It was one of Harold Brasch's favorite solos and is a fine showcase. This version is for euphonium and piano, and triple tonguing is required. View the listing and hear a recording of the band version of this piece (band version coming soon):

    Euphonium Solo Page
  8. New Euphonia Article Added, Review of Studio Class Manual

    As part of our ongoing series of article reprints from Euphonia Magazine, we have just added a review of William Rose's Studio Class Manual for Tuba and Euphonium. The review was done by Glenn K. Call:

    Review of Studio Class Manual for Tuba and Euphonium

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