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  1. Why Join ITEA? Here are SOME of the Reasons

    The International Tuba-Euphonium Association is a valuable organization. They have conferences in various locations where you can hear top artists, see the latest music and instruments, and meet many new/old friends. They publish a quarterly journal, which is currently being expanded to include content for players of all abilities and ages. You can be a member and get the electronic journal for only $35/year! If you prefer a printed journal that is available for $55/year. Learn more here: ...
  2. Minnesota All-State Audition - Example and Tips - Video

    I've been asked to do a new project this year. Brian C. Wilson of is working to obtain recorded examples of the all-state audition pieces for all 50 U.S. states. I am doing the example for Minnesota.

    In this state a composer writes a special etude each year, which is one way to make sure there is an even playing field (i.e. the chosen piece is not one that anyone happened to have played in a lesson last year or something). Composer Timothy Mahr includes quite a lot ...
  3. Music for the ITEC 2014 Competitions

    Competition season is fast approaching. A few days ago I posted the music for the Falcone International Competition. But there is also an international competition from the International Tuba-Euphonium Association (ITEA). Deadlines and registration details can be found at the link here:

    Below is the music required, with links to as many as I could find online.

  4. Audition Advice - Part 2

    In previous posts I have covered some of the fundamentals of preparing for an audition. Now let's look in more depth at some of the other considerations of preparation and also consider some of the actual "performance" considerations of auditioning. In many ways, auditions are like performances. Both require careful practice and preparation. Both can involve stress, and with stress can come an "oops!" moment or two. Most importantly, your mental attitude and its effect on your appearance matter! ...
  5. Falcone Competition 2014 - Repertoire Lists

    Here is the music for the Falcone competition. In the case of the books listed, a piece will be selected from the book. Even if you are not entering this year, it is good material to practice!

    Links will take you to online resources to purchase:

    Student, Euphonium

    Preliminary Round (recorded with piano accompaniment)
    Guilmant: Morceau Symphonique for Trombone and Piano
    Sheet Music Plus

    Semi-Final Round (unaccompanied)
    Charlier, ...
  6. Audition Advice, Part 1

    I plan on writing an article with some advice on performing a good audition. It will be based on my experience with hearing many real auditions and mock auditions, plus my observations from the instructional auditions we do at the University of Minnesota.

    In the meantime, here is a great article written about trombone auditions. It from a few years ago, but is just as valuable today, and most of the reflections are applicable to euphonium and tuba as well as trombone.
  7. College Audition Repertoire

    This topic comes up regularly on the Euphonium-Tuba Forum and in many other venues: what should I play for a college euphonium audition? A complete list of possibilities would be very, very long, but in this post I will suggest titles that often appear on lists and that I often hear in auditions.

    Each piece below would be appropriate for a college-level audition. Many would also work well for the prepared portion of a service band audition.Each has a link to purchase it at Sheet ...
  8. Coast Guard Band Euphonium Vacancy

    The United States Coast Guard Band, located in New London, CT, is looking for a euphonium player. Danny Vinson is retiring as principal and going to North Texas State University to study, so this creates a valued opening for euphonium players! Complete information is posted on our site's forum:

    Coast Guard Band Euphonium Audition
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