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  1. Video: If I Only Had a Brain - Dave Werden

    Here is the latest in my series of videos that might be called "Songs that Are Easy Enough for Anyone to Play, but Are Good Musical Practice." (I need to work on that title a bit, though!)

    I'm sure most of you will know the song from the classic movie "The Wizard of Oz" where this song is sung by the scarecrow. As with some of the others in this series, the style is lighter than many euphonium players typically attempt. Yet it is a very important side of musical style to develop. And ...
  2. Philip Sparke Fantasy for Euphonium - Played by the Man for Whom It Was Written!

    The Fantasy for Euphonium and Brass Band was written in 1979, I believe, and has been played by countless euphoniumists since then. It has also appeared on various contest lists in its piano version.

    Sparke has a knack for writing music that is attractive the audience and a good challenge for the player(s). This particular piece was written for Ian Craddock, soloist with the Yorkshire Imperial Metals Band. I have just added Ian's performance of the Fantasy to my Euphonium Videos page. ...

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  3. Derick Kane Video - Star Lake Pep Song

    I added a new video to my Euphonium Videos page. It is quite a lot of fun! It features British Salvation Army euphonium soloist Derick Kane, accompanied by composer Peter Graham. Here is the link (on a page with 614 other great euphonium videos!):