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  1. We Have Gone Secure!

    We made the big jump this week to a secure (SSL, https) site. We don't handle financial information, but a secure site is friendlier (because you don't see scary "not secure" messages in your browser). Also Google is pushing very hard to have all sites running in https, and will downgrade search results for a site that is not.

    There are probably some "holes" in the far corners of the site that I have not found yet, but I'm checking everything as quickly as I can. There are about 2000-3000 ...
  2. New Design for Main Site - Responsive!

    The main portion of my site now has a new design. It was time to freshen the look, and it was really time to make the site more mobile friendly. The site should now automatically adjust to the size of the small screen (you can try it by re-sizing your desktop PC's browser window if you want).

    So far I have modified the home page, About Us section, articles, book, music, and a few other pages. There are more on my list to do, and I will get to them when I have a chance.


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  3. Oral History Interviews with Famous Low-Brass Players

    Many of the visitors to my site are members of the International Tuba-Euphonium Association (ITEA), and many are not. Either group of people may be unaware of a terrific resource available to ITEA members.

    ITEA members can go to and click the History link, after which you see a link to the Oral History section of their website. In this section you find transcripts of interviews with tuba and euphonium players who are well-know in our community. This is a great way to ...
  4. We Just Added a What's New Section for the Blog and the Forum

    If you want to see the latest activity on the blog or the forum, you can do so on one page. There is a new link in the menu bar above, called "What's New?". This will take you to a quick overview of the latest activities in both the blog and the forum.

    When viewing the blog, you should see your profile in the right column. There is a "Subscribe to this Blog" link, where you can specify whether you only want notifications when you log in, or if you would like an instant email when something ...
  5. David Werden Award ITEA's Lifetime Achievement Award

    Press Release
    July 21, 2012

    On June 29, 2012, at the International Tuba-Euphonium Conference 2012 in Linz, Austria, euphonium artist and teacher David Werden was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award of the International Tuba-Euphonium Association (ITEA). Presenting the award were ITEA President Deanna Swoboda, and Dr. Brian Bowman introduced the winner.

    Dr. Bowman covered some highlights of Werden's career, including his 26 years ...
  6. New Euphonium-Tuba Quartet - Rolling Thunder March

    The name Henry Fillmore is synonymous with great marches for band. The Rolling Thunder march is especially favored by low brass because that section is featured to such great effect. This new arrangement for two euphoniums and two tubas gives all players some interesting parts and creates an exciting piece for the audience as well.

    The chosen key is the same as the band key, so players familiar with the band version will have an easy time reading this (well, more-or-less easy!). ...
  7. New Article: Buying an Inexpensive Euphonium

    For a lot of beginners or intermediate players, buying a high-price euphonium is not appropriate or affordable. However, they still want to make the best choice for a horn that will probably be played a number of years.

    I just posted a new article about buying an inexpensive euphonium, which I hope will help people know how to make a choice. It covers Number of Valves, Receiver Size, Finish, Weight, Case, Considering Future Repairs, and Used Instruments: Buying an Inexpensive ...
  8. New Article - Panel Discussion on Buying a Euphonium

    There is now a new page on the site to extend the discussion of the "Choosing a Euphonium" page. The panel discussion is taken from a larger discussion at the International Euphonium Institute in 2007. Hear opinions from Brian Bowman, David Childs, Eugene Dowling, Adam Frey, and David Werden. There is also an audio recording if you would like to hear the panelists "in person."

    Here is the new page:

    Buying a Euphonium, IEI 2007 panel discussion

    And, ...
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