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  1. We Have Gone Secure!

    We made the big jump this week to a secure (SSL, https) site. We don't handle financial information, but a secure site is friendlier (because you don't see scary "not secure" messages in your browser). Also Google is pushing very hard to have all sites running in https, and will downgrade search results for a site that is not.

    There are probably some "holes" in the far corners of the site that I have not found yet, but I'm checking everything as quickly as I can. There are about 2000-3000 ...
  2. Review of the Ultimate Brass "Adam Frey" Mouthpiece

    Hang onto your hats! There is another fine choice now in the realm of Wick/Bach size 4 mouthpieces. This one is made by Ultimate Brass for Adam Frey. Changing my pattern a bit, I'm relaying on the video for most of the review. I'll say first that the mouthpiece is a good competitor and is fairly comfortable to play if you are already accustomed this general size.

    I'm comparing to my Alliance DC4, which seems to be the closer of the 2 mouthpieces I'm using now (my other, the DC3, is ...