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New Videos on this site or elsewhere.

  1. New Video: French Piece for Alto/Bari/Euphs

    Just found this on YouTube. It's a nice piece for 2 altos, 2 baritone horns, and 2 euphoniums (plus one extra euphonium in the middle??) by Cedric Rossero. It's a great demonstration of the different timbres of these instruments. It appears to be from the Paris Conservatory.

  2. Euphonium Player of the Year - Almost Time Again

    Now that the Summer is closing, it will soon be time to hear who is the 2007 Euphonium Player of the Year. There are other posts on this blog about the event, but I thought I would provide a bit more insight based on my own experience from 1980.

    When I learned of the award, the Coast Guard agreed to pay my expenses to travel and accept the award in London. While there, I took a few days' leave on my own expense and toured London - what a great city and people!

    The actual ...
  3. Carbon Fiber Tuba Bell

    YouTube has a nice video of the Canadian Brass Quintet playing a Purcell piece. While it doesn't really feature the tuba, you can plainly see the black bell in the video. You may be able to hear enough of the tuba to judge for yourself how the sound holds up.

    Canadian Brass - Carbon Fiber Tuba Bell
  4. Tuba Performance Art - Canadian Brass

    This is a great routine by the always-entertaining Canadian Brass Quintet. Charles Daellenbach is featured and here is a fantastic demonstration how a great player can perform under challenging circumstances. For those of us who think we need a chair that is just the right height and a way to always have the horn supported at just the right angle, watch this:

  5. Great Tuba Solo with Empire Brass

    On Youtube there is a short video of the Empire Brass Quintet performing live. It features Ken Amos doing a wonderful job on the tuba solo. Very clean technique and fine double tonguing. (Lots of enthusiasm from the audience, so don't be too distracted.)

  6. Be Part of an Exciting Tuba or Euphonium Music Commission

    Cimarron Music Press in conjunction with BVD Press just announced an opportunity for you readers to be part of a commission for a new tuba or euphonium piece by award-winning composer Barbara York. She will be doing four pieces, including Sonata for Tuba with Piano, Sonata for Euphonium with Piano, Sonata for Horn with Piano, Suite for Horn or Euphonium and Tuba with Piano. You can sign up now to help with the commission by purchasing in advance one or more of the titles. Your purchase will go toward ...
  7. Article by Euphoniumist Arthur Lehman: Remembering Bob Hoe

    The great euphonium soloist Arthur Lehman has written a collection of his memories of his life as a performer in The United States Marine Band. One of these, presented here for the first time, has many of Arthur's memories of his relationship with Robert Hoe. Bob Hoe was an amateur brass player, who played cornet and euphonium. Bob was a great fan of Arthur and helped bring to the world Arthur's 2 "The Art of Euphonium Playing" recordings (with books). Bob also produced a series of recording ...
  8. Have the Music Inside You - Then Let It Out!

    We spend so much time discussing horns, mouthpieces, techniques, etc. that sometimes we forget that playing euphonium is ultimately about making music. Playing tuba is ultimately about making music. Playing trombone is ultimately about making music. See where I'm going?

    During lessons I give I often play recordings to demonstrate something or other. I haven't kept track, but I think that my students hear other instruments (or voice) much more often than euphonium recordings during ...
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