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  1. New Article by Arthur Lehman: The British Euphonium Sound

    Legendary euphoniumist (and prolific author!) Arthur Lehman has just written a few thoughts about the British euphonium sound that we all talk about so much. Here is an excerpt:

    It just occurred to me today. When I listened to music off a new CD I'd just acquired, of the Salvation Army's International Staff Band from England, that for years when I have written many articles, I have unintentionally overlooked the English euphonium players. When I would, for instance, say something ...
  2. Share This Site With Others

    We now have a button on most pages on this site that you can use to add the page you are viewing to some of the popular bookmark/networking sites. If you look at the upper right side of this page you will see it. Clicking the button will show you a list of popular bookmark-sharing sites, some of which you may already use. Just add the page to whichever site you like and others can enjoy it too.

    Sites include:



    *BallHype ...
  3. Many Euphonium and Tuba Sites!

    There are a great many tuba and euphonium sites on the net. Some even offer free recordings, and most of them have some interesting educational value. I have collected many of them on this page:

    Tuba and Euphonium Sites

    There you will find links for these players:

    Aaron Tindall

    Adam Frey's Site

    Alchemy Euphonium-Tuba Quartet

    Barton Cummings' Web Page

    Bob Childs Web Site

    David ...
  4. Forum Is Online and Running Smoothly

    Regular visitors will already know that the Euphonium-Tuba Discussion Forum was not fully operational for a couple weeks. Registered users were not able to log in or post messages.

    The forum is back now and working fine. To thank you for your patience I have added 3 new MP3 selections to the Downloads for Members Only section. Check them out!
  5. New Arthur Lehman Article

    We have another in our series of articles by the great Arthur Lehman, retired euphonium soloist with The United States Marine Band. This one discusses some of the best soloists (on various instruments) that Arthur worked with while he was in the band.

    The Best Marine Band Soloists

  6. New Article from Euphonia Magazine: The French Tuba

    We have just added another in our series or articles from Euphonia Magazine. This one is by the magazines's publisher, Glenn Call, who was a euphoniumist with The United States Marine Band in Washington, D.C.

    The French Tuba
  7. New Recording Added - Lucas Spiros, euphonium: Ransomed

    We now have a new featured recording in the Downloads for Members Only section of our forum. It features Luke Spiros performing the Salvation Army solo "Ransomed" by George Marshall. Luke was Principal First Chair Euphonium Soloist with the US Marine Band for 23 years and performs this solo with his usual gusto.

    It is available as a free download if you are a member of the forum (membership is free):

    Lukas Spiros - Ransomed
  8. New Free Recording - Tico Tico, Jeff Arwood, Tuba

    There is a new recording available now in the forum on this site. It is a vintage recording of tubist Jeff Arwood, U.S. Army Band (Pershing's Own) from the early 1970's. Jeff is playing Tico Tico (on a Besson F tuba if I remember correctly). It's a great performance and very entertaining.

    This recording is available to members of the Tuba-Euphonium Forum, and membership is free. Justs go to the Euphonium-Tuba Forum and select the "Downloads for Members Only" link in the "Tuba ...
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