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    Well played!
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    How did you overcome the smiling after having played for so long?
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    man - I'd better go practice.
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    It works at this site:

    The C.G. Conn factory in 1937 was 3/4 mile from what was then a vacant field, but which in 1946 would contain the post-war housing development that included the 4-room house (later expanded to 8 rooms) in which I grew up. When I was in high school and rode my bike to school, I passed the factory every day.
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    "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"

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    There are a great many things that contribute to responsiveness. If I had to choose the most important factor in the Adams design, I would say it is the uniform thickness of the metal. Second in importance is probably quality of construction. My reason for choosing those two is simple: ALL the Adams horns I've tried have a free-blowing quality that one would call a family trait. Given the variety of materials and overall thicknesses, the common factors would still be that uniformity of thickness and construction quality.

    The adjustable-gap receiver is a smaller factor, but it does allow you to "touch up" the responsiveness to your own taste.

    For an existing horn, there are some expert technicians who can do some things. In some cases they may need to take some of the joints apart and refit them so the tubes are butted up to each other more closely (and straight!). Or they may need to align the valves.

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    Unfortunately, this video has been removed
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    Thank you David.

    You touched on this in your addendum but I'm curious as to the factors that make a particular horn responsive. As we've all seen, there are variations even within horns of the same model and brand. That's one of the reason's we try multiple examples of the same horn before making a purchase whenever possible. My 2900S is pretty responsive but I've played others that speak with less effort. Also, Do you think there are modifications we can make to a horn to increase responsiveness?

    Thank you, Mike.
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    Congratulations on this well-deserved award! MAZEL TOV!! as we used to say in Brooklyn
    Thanks for sharing your artistry via the many videos of your performances--your interpretations are models of musical sophistication and technical skill.

    Thanks also for the forum that brings us together and helps us improve our playing!

    Jim Williams
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    There is some improvisation from the piano. Some of it may be "inside jokes" buy you'll get the idea.
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    Also, many people prefer anhydrous lanolin for slide lubricant.
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