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  1. Dave Werden and Oystein Baadsvik - Bach Aria-Duet - Video

    My duet performance with Oystein Baadsvik is now on my videos page. This is from March 10, 2013, in Woodbury, Minnesota, and was part of the Baadsvik concert presented by Minne-Brass. This piece is with euphonium, tuba, and piano. The arrangement is available from Cimarron Music Press.

    Oystein Baadsvik and David Werden, Bach Aria-Duet

    The arrangement is also available for band (a small wind ensemble from a regular concert band).
  2. New Video: When I Look In Your Eyes - Euphonium and Piano

    This is a video from my recent recital at University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire. The song is from the original version of the movie Dr. Dolittle, and was sung by Rex Harrison for the movie. Performing with me on this video is Dr. Barbara Young.

    When I Look In Your Eyes
  3. New Video - Yakety Youff, Dave Werden, Euphonium

    I just released a new video on YouTube. This is what I used for an encore on my Feb. 2013 recital at the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire. It's played from the sheet music for "Yakety Sax," which was a #1 hit by tenor saxophonist Boots Randolph, and was later used extensively on "The Benny Hill Show."

    For a euphonium player it is an unusual challenge. First there is the style in general. While Boots Randolph played very short, "slap-tongued" notes (I think that is the proper definition), ...
  4. Mouthpieces for Medium-Shank Euphoniums

    For a very long time Besson (or Boosey & Hawkes) made the "gold standard" for euphoniums. Until 1974, Besson used a medium-sized receiver for the mouthpiece. This is midway in size between the small (tenor-trombone-size) mouthpiece shank and the large (bass-trombone-size) shank. It is sometimes called the "European euphonium" shank. As far as I know, trombones never used that size. Today, most makers of gold-standard euphoniums, and many makers of student-level euphoniums, use a bass-trombone-size ...
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  5. Video: Midwinter Tuba Quintet

    I just had my third opportunity to play on A Prairie Home Companion, the national radio show that originates very near where I live. This was the third appearance of the "Midwinter Tuba Quintet," which was formed in 1997 expressly for this show. The members who just performed are:

    Euphoniums: Tom Ashworth, Dave Werden
    Tubas: Nick Adragna, Mike Forbes, Ralph Hepola

    Here are two features where the group can be heard. The first is "Tuba Blues," an original composition ...
  6. Video: Euphonium Solo/Piano Version of March from Holst's Second Suite

    As my opener for the second half of my recent euphonium recital in Eau Claire, I used my brand-new arrangement of the March from Second Suite in F for Military Band by Gustav Holst. (The whole arrangement includes the Song without Words as well, although I did not use it for this recital.) The arrangement is for euphonium and piano, and should be available soon from Cimarron Music Press. Here is the video of that performance:

    David Werden, euphonium - March from Second Suite in F for Military Band, by Gustav Holst, arranged for euphonium solo and piano by David Werden
  7. Video: Euphonium/Tuba Duet - Bless This House

    On February 10, 2013, it was my great pleasure to perform a euphonium recital at the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire. My host was the Professor of Tuba at Eau Claire, Dr. Jerry Young, and Dr. Barbara Young was the pianist. It was great fun to be together with the Youngs again, and it seemed like too good an opportunity to not take advantage of having such a fine tubist on the recital with me. Jerry was kind enough to join me in a duet rendition of "Bless this House" (on his Alexander F tuba). ...
  8. Cornet Soloist David Daws, Now Switching to Euphonium

    David Daws was a very successful and talented cornet soloist with the Salvation Army's International Staff Band. You can hear examples of his cornet playing here:

    Videos of Cornet Soloist David Daws

    But he has some scar tissue on his lip from a previous injury, and that is making it increasingly difficult to play the cornet to the standard he desires. So he made the decision to switch to euphonium, which will not be hampered by that ill-placed scar tissue.

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