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  1. Davidus1's Avatar
    Here it is. You can even select the key!
  2. davewerden's Avatar
    Davids1: Can you please give me the URL for that piece from Sheet Music Plus? I could not find it. Thanks!
  3. Davidus1's Avatar
    Thanks Dave. That is what I am doing as well. (thinking in Bb Treble Clef). I ordered a copy from Sheetmusic Plus. Beautiful piece! Thanks for sharing.
  4. davewerden's Avatar
    The concert pitch key is F, so if you think in Bb treble clef (as I do) that would make it G.
  5. Davidus1's Avatar
    What key was this piece in Dave? G?
  6. Eupher6's Avatar
    Completely agree with JP that performing in church is another form of ministry. Lovely shading, Dave.
  7. rrfisch's Avatar
    I play in church a couple times a year. Sometimes Euphonium, sometimes trombone, the the euphonium really fits well for a solo offering! Great job Dave.
  8. tonewheeler's Avatar
    Nice Dave....what a lucky church to have you play!
  9. Davidus1's Avatar
    This is a very beautiful piece! Great job.
  10. LD3's Avatar
    Very nice!
  11. davewerden's Avatar
    JP: thanks for the nice comments. We have a screen, but the folks who run it at the early service aren't musicians, so they would not be able to follow the music. But if I do it again, I may see if we can squeeze all the words onto one readable screen.

    In the show, the song is almost like a spiritual. It is sung slowly when it first comes in. Then near the end of the show they do the same song as an up-tempo gospel song. For the record, here are the words:
  12. JP's Avatar

    Well done as always, and the gentle tone of the song is certainly appropriate for church.

    For me, church playing is different than other playing in that I see it not as entertainment but ministry. The ministry value/message of a song is in the lyrics. Therefore, for me, the lyrics need to present a message that supports the church's mission. And since the message is in the lyrics, I like to have them projected on a screen when appropriate so the attendees can see and read them.
  13. Davidus1's Avatar
    Very nice! Beautiful sound.
  14. Baritonist's Avatar
    It is very strange. I have been trying to get this note for awhile, and I still cannot get it. I can play any other note in the pedal scale though.
  15. davewerden's Avatar
    It's hard to suggest a fingering. When you're dealing with false tone, things are kind of, um, false! Because I have a 4-valve compensating horn, my first false tone would be a B-flat below my pedal B (that would be the lowest B-flat on the piano). I've used it in recital now and then, but I find that the fingering can be open, 2nd, or 1st, depending on the state of my chops, temperature of the hall, and even what mouthpiece I use. So just experiment and see what works! And don't be afraid to try a different fingering if your original choice doesn't seem to work as well after a time.
  16. Baritonist's Avatar
    Hi Dave, I am a middle school player on a Andreas Eastman non-compensating 3 valve baritone. I just tried this and found i could do it with ease. I have also been able to go down to a pedal G. I dont know how to get a pedal E flat though. Is it just lipping up? If not can you give me the fingering for it?
  17. ghmerrill's Avatar
    A lot of Marine Band music is freely available by download from their site ( In terms of other people charging for it, this is a consequence of the copyright laws (which are a bit odd in some of the nooks and crannies). If a book, for example, is out of copyright (either because the copyright has expired or because it's been explicitly placed in the public domain), then you may "republish" that book without penalty or royalty charges. You can even copyright your own publication of it if you include copyrightable features (additional illustrations, instructive comments, etc.). When this sort of thing happens, you're not really charging your customers for the basic material itself (e.g., the text of the book or the music in a recording), but rather for some sort of "service" whereby you deliver the material to them.

    If you look on Amazon you'll see quite a number of "classic" books have been republished (sometimes by more than one source) -- and this is actually good because (a) they're normally cheap, (b) they are often done in Kindle editions, and (c) they can be quite difficult to get otherwise since they may be out of publication and available only on the used book market. I've thought of doing this sort of thing myself a few times (adding some value as part of the process), but in each such case some cleverer person has beat me to it . I do continue to have this fantasy concerning one somewhat arcane book by Leibniz, but unfortunately it is in Latin and I am almost totally ignorant of Latin except for a grab bag of words and phrases.
  18. davewerden's Avatar
    Eupher6: it was some kind of deal Congress passed a while back. I'm not even sure it was necessary to pass a bill, because once the military bands publish a recording, it becomes Public Domain (as far as I understand the legalities - I'm not a lawyer, much less a gov't lawyer). So I guess there is nothing to stop a company from re-pressing it and selling it. The first time I saw this was when I saw my recording of Morceau Symphonique for sale on Amazon.

    But there is history to this. During our nation's bicentennial, there was specific provision granted to sell some recordings:

    However, that bill did not include the Coast Guard's recordings. But I think there was broader legislation later. I THINK there was a provision to share proceeds with the USO or some similar organization, but my memory is very hazy there.
  19. musictech's Avatar
    Just to let you know, Andrew Glover at C. L. Barnhouse (who publishes Karl Kings works) just completed a centenial edition of Barnum and Bailey's Favorite. He did a fantastic job in the text of the score breaking down sections and how they should be played as well as historical information on Karl King. You can view it on their website. Incidentally, I get to play this a couple times a year being in the solo Euphonium chair of the Karl King Band here in Fort Dodge, Iowa.
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  20. Eupher6's Avatar
    Hmmm. I don't understand why Amazon is SELLING U.S. military band recordings. Once upon a time, those recordings were made free to the public.
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