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  1. Video - I Know Why and So Do You - Euphonium and Piano

    I just uploaded a new euphonium/piano video to my YouTube channel. In this one we are playing a song that I heard in the movie "The Glenn Miller Story" called "I Know Why (and So Do You)." The series of videos I've been doing lately are partly intended to give players ideas about songs they can perform to help develop style. I've been choosing songs that don't require advanced technique or range, and as such they would be doable by anyone from high school on up. They would be a good way to help ...
  2. ITEC 2014 Instruments, part 4: Adams Custom

    Naturally I spent the most time at the Adams booth. This was partly due to not being able to get away for large blocks of time because there were so many euphonium players asking about and trying the horns! The interest this year was very high, and some of the display horns were even sold and taken before the event was over.

    Adams had seven instruments at ITEC, as follows (going from memory, so...):
    .50, gold brass, bright silver plated
    .55, yellow brass, brushed finish ...
  3. ITEC 2014 Instruments, part 3: Jupiter XO and Wessex

    I've been anxious to try the next two horns you'll find below. Both have enjoyed some "good press" recently. The Wessex is in the lower end of the mid-price range that is an important point of discussion these days. The Jupiter XO is in the beginning of the upper price range, and as such has well-established competition slightly above its price.

    Jupiter XO
    I had two chances to play the Jupiter XO, and my impressions were similar each time. The horn plays well overall, with good ...
  4. ITEC 2014 Instruments, part 2: JP Sterling and Willson

    JP Sterling
    One stop enabled me to try three different horns I was interested in testing: the JP Sterling 4-valve compensating Eb Tuba, 3-valve compensating baritone horn, and 4-valve compensating euphonium. DF Music had all those, and several other horns, on display for testing.

    The tuba did not take me very long at all. I quickly discovered that my tuba chops were apparently still back in Minnesota that day. At first the horn seemed stuffy, but then I realized it was my chops ...
  5. ITEC 2014 - Instrument Observations, part 1

    I was able to be at ITEC 2014 in Bloomington, Indiana, for three days. That wasn't enough time because there was an unbelievable number of quality presentations, but it was all the time I had available. I did a rather poor job of getting to all those recitals I had highlighted in my schedule and did not see as many old friends as I had hoped (although I also had some great and welcome conversations with the friends I did encounter). On the other hand, I did make good progress on two self-assigned ...
  6. Euphonium Video - Alone Yet Not Alone - Played by Dave Werden

    Here is a very lovely song (almost a contemporary American hymn) from the movie by the same name. It is a new movie made by a tiny Christian production company, so it is doubtful that most of you would have seen the movie. The composer is Bruce Broughton (Academy Award winning composer of Silverado and many other soundtracks).

    This video is from a church service offertory, so you will hear some background noises. On piano is Sara Brunk. During the service we projected the words on our ...
  7. Euphonium Video - Nymphalin Romance by Sousa - Dave Werden

    I finally had a chance to play this while a recorder was running! I arranged it a while back because I thought it was a lovely piece. I also wanted to give folks an easy chance to play a Sousa piece that was not a march.

    Sousa wrote Nymphalin for violin and piano, and it has also been performed by band (the Marine Band, for one, but I don't know if it was Sousa's own arrangement or a Marine arranger did it).

    This arrangement is sold with two included versions. One is meant ...

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  8. The Euphonium Family - Baritone, Euphonium, Double-Bell Euphonium

    There has been so much confusion for soooooo long about the difference between baritone and euphonium that I wrote a monograph a few decades ago, which later become this web page:

    I think it helped many to understand the technical differences. But there is nothing like seeing and hearing the different horns in action, so I recently recorded on video the same song, played in the same room, recorded on the same equipment, played ...
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