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  1. Euphonium Video - Nymphalin Romance by Sousa - Dave Werden

    I finally had a chance to play this while a recorder was running! I arranged it a while back because I thought it was a lovely piece. I also wanted to give folks an easy chance to play a Sousa piece that was not a march.

    Sousa wrote Nymphalin for violin and piano, and it has also been performed by band (the Marine Band, for one, but I don't know if it was Sousa's own arrangement or a Marine arranger did it).

    This arrangement is sold with two included versions. One is meant ...

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  2. The Euphonium Family - Baritone, Euphonium, Double-Bell Euphonium

    There has been so much confusion for soooooo long about the difference between baritone and euphonium that I wrote a monograph a few decades ago, which later become this web page:

    I think it helped many to understand the technical differences. But there is nothing like seeing and hearing the different horns in action, so I recently recorded on video the same song, played in the same room, recorded on the same equipment, played ...
  3. CD Review - John Storey, Euphonium

    I recently had the privilege of reviewing a new CD of euphonium music. The artist is John Storey, who is principal and solo euphonium with the Coldstream Guards Band in the U.K.

    For U.S. readers who are not familiar with this band, it is roughly the equivalent of a U.S. Military Band. There are several wind bands in the Queen's regiments, including:
    • The Grenadier Guards
    • The Coldstream Guards
    • The Scots Guards
    • The Irish Guards
    • The Welsh Guards

    In the U.S. our service ...
  4. Video - I Got Plenty O' Nothin' - Euphonium Solo: David Werden

    I've always thought that "I Got Plenty o Nothin'" from "Porgy & Bess" makes a perfect euphonium solo, so now I have done a new YouTube video with that song. See if you agree with me.

    Like many euphonium players, I grew especially fond of this song from playing the band arrangement of Porgy & Bess, in which this song is introduced by a euphonium solo. But now I've decided to carry it to the next step by doing a complete arrangement of the song. (Of course that means I also get to play ...
  5. Video - Neapolitan Dance on Double-Bell Euphonium

    Here is a brand-new video I made: my arrangement of Neapolitan Dance (from Swan Lake), by P.I. Tchaikovsky. Sheet music is available here:

    This recording features a 1935 Holton five-valve double-bell euphonium. The horn is a 4-valve instrument with a 5th valve that switches between the large and small bell. I used the four fingers on my right hand for the primary valves and reached around with the index finger of ...
  6. Dave Werden Video: Old Man River, Euphonium and Piano

    I have always thought that "Old Man River" (from the Broadway show and movie "Show Boat") makes a fine euphonium solo. When we played a special arrangement with the Coast Guard Band, the arranger wisely thought to let the euphonium state the first instance of the main theme. And of course in the show it is sung by a rich, low male voice.

    While I was with the CG Band it was my good fortune to be part of the accompaniment for a guest vocalist, William Warfield. He had sung the song in ...
  7. More on Playing in Church - New Video

    Here is a new video of me playing euphonium for a recent church service, with Sara Brunk, piano. This piece was the offertory: "You Raise Me Up" - words and music by Brendan Graham and Rolf Lovland.

    I have to confess that I came across this song accidentally. I heard the Irish Tenors (probably during PBS fund-raising) in concert, and Ronan Tynan sing a piece called "Grace." I was struck by the melody and wanted the music. The only way I could purchase it was within a book of Ronan Tynan ...
  8. Christmas Music from The U.S. Coast Guard Band

    Here is a YouTube playlist with a few numbers from a special live concert the Coast Guard Band did in 1985. Our guest for the evening was Tony-Award-winning singer/actress Tammy Grimes. The selections include 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, White Christmas, Russian Christmas Music, and a special arrangement of God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen, written by the Band's former arranger and narrated with the Biblical story of Christmas.

    Coast Guard Band Christmas Concert Selections
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