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ROSE, William H.: Studio Class Manual for Tuba and Euphonium

Original publication: Houston, Texas: Iola Publications, 1980.

One of the greats of the tuba world has assured himself a place in the memory of Euphoniumists for years to come with this marvelous volume. Bill Rose's new Studio Class Manual for Tuba and Euphonium is a well thought out and highly readable sixty pages devoted to some of the commonly encountered questions of history, basics of performance, and the myriad problems of equipment choice and careers. of particular interest to Euphoniumists is Mr. Rose's chapter devoted to the baritone and Euphonium. Although this reviewer takes a slightly different tack in differentiating between the baritone and the Euphonium, William Rose's book contains a great deal of accurate information that is not always easy to obtain.

Alongside Harold Brasch's comprehensive tome, this Studio Class Manual belongs on the active reading and reference list of every lower brass instructor and every serious Euphonium student. Presently costing $16.00, it is available from:

Review by Glenn K. Call

NOTE: this article is reprinted from Euphonia magazine, January-February, 1981, with permission of the publisher, Glenn Call.


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