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Note: this post is from a back issue of Euphonia Magazine. It is a summary of the evening I received the Euphonium Player of the Year Award. It was great fun and I thought it might provide an interesting insight into a different culture, particularly for U.S. players. There are links to several interesting sites within the content.


EUPHONIUMIST OF THE YEAR -- DAVID R. WERDEN! On Saturday, October 11th, after a thoroughly enterprising day at the National Brass Band Finals, a group of enthusiastic Euphoniumists, together with wives and friends, headed swiftly for the Antelope Tavern in Belgravia, London, for the second annual Euphoniumists' Dinner.

The dinner, an effort instigated by representatives of EUPHONIA and Sounding Brass Magazine last year, was such a success as to spur on the "volunteer" committee to formulate the meeting on an annual basis. It was also decided that a shield would be awarded each year to the "Euphoniumist of the Year"; determined not necessarily by sheer virtuosity and name recognition (on the basis that the award could forever go to the many fine soloists now retired), but to the one player who through his efforts had contributed most substantially to the progress of the instrument.

The evening saw last year's recipient, Barrie Peerins, principal Euphoniumist with the Hendon Band and widely respected soloist, clinician and author, hand over the plaque to David R. Werden, principal and solo Euphoniumist with the US Coast Guard Band. David earned his Bachelor of Music in Education with a major in Euphonium from Iowa University [University of Iowa]. David entered the Coast Guard Band directly upon graduation, and has remained very active since that time as principal and solo Euphoniumist. With several recordings under his belt and over dozens of solos in his active repertoire, he appears all over the the United States with a heavy schedule as a widely respected soloist and clinician. David is also one of the founding members of the Atlantic Euphonium Tuba Quartet [now called Alchemy], a very active and innovative ensemble, whose efforts have led David into the field of publishing. His company, Whaling Music [now handled by Cimarron Music Press - ed.], keeps an active catalogue of high quality music of specific interest to Euphoniumists and tuba players, and is available in both the United States and England.

Amongst the gathering were Philip Catelinet, former Euphoniumist with the famous BBC Wireless Band and later tubist with the London Symphony Orchestra, where he premiered the Vaughan Williams tuba concerto; "Uncle" Bert Sullivan of Munn and Felton's G.U.S. Band, who gave us all some very austere but learned words on the instrument after his presentation speech; Peter Wise, the fine soloist with the Enfield Citadel Band; and many others of influence and fame in the world of the Euphonium.

Many thanks must go to the man who sat quietly in the corner after probably his longest day: Trevor Austin of Rosehill Instruments and former Euphoniumist with H.M. Blues and Royals Band. The event could not have been possible without his unremittant help and the healthy sponsorship, under his wing, of Sounding Brass Magazine. Thanks must also go out to Rosemary Morton of Sounding Brass and The British Bandsman, whose editor, Euphoniumist Peter Wilson lent considerable help in several areas. Finally, a warm word of gratitude to Les Walgrove [and Jon Smith - ed.], EUPHONIA overseas coordinators, who are doing so much these days to "Keep up the Beautiful Sound!"

EUPHONIA congratulates the 1980 Euphoniumist of the Year, David Werden for all the great work he has done to make the world a better stage for our art.

Review by Jon Smith: Principal Euphoniumist, Band of HMS. Coldstream Guards and the famous Adamson's Military Band.

NOTE: this article is reprinted from Euphonia magazine, January-February, 1981, with permission of the publisher, Glenn Call.

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