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Recommended Literature For The Euphonium

Dr. Paul Droste, The Ohio State University (retired)

Dr. Paul droste joined the faculty of The Ohio State University School of Music in 1966 after a period of teaching in public schools. Currently director of the famed O.S.U. marching band since 1970, Dr. Droste also directs the O.S.U. Military Band. He teaches applied euphonium and brass pedagogy, and has performed as trombonist with the O.S.U. faculty brass quintet. His euphonium teachers have included Jack Evans. Joseph Scrafford, Richard Suddendorf. Donald knaub, Lloyd Weedy, and Donald Reinhardt. With degrees from The Ohio State University. The Eastman School of Music. And The University of Arizona, he holds one of the first doctorates of musical arts ever granted in euphonium performance. Dr. Droste is well known as a euphonium soloist and clinician in Ohio and throughout the mid-west. And can be heard on the fine Coronet "Artist-in-Residence Series - Stereo Record #3026.

The following method books and supplementary books are recommended for private lesson materials. While materials in the beginning-intermediate category are all in bass clef, knowledge of bass clef, treble clef. And tenor clef is necessary at the advanced-college level.

  1. Beeler, Method For Baritone Horn (Books I & II), Warner Brothers.
  2. Bordner, First (and Second) Book of Practical Studies, Belwin-Mills.
  3. Cimera, Fifty-Five Phrasing Studies For Trombone, Belwin-Mills.
  4. Cimera, One Hundred-Seventy Studies For Trombone, Belwin-Mills.
  5. Hering, Forty Progressive Etudes For Trombone, Carl Fischer.
  6. Whistler, Modern Arban-St. Jacome Comprehensive Course for Trombone or Baritone, Rubank.
  7. Pares - Whistler, Pares Scales For Trombone or Baritone. Rubank.
  8. Fink, From Treble to Bass Clef Baritone. Accura.
  9. Yaus. Forty Rhythmical Studies (Baritone Book), Belwin-Mills,
  10. Yaus, Twenty Rhythmical Studies (Baritone Book), Belwin Mills.

  1. Warmups And Fundamentals
    • Remington. Warmup Exercises. Pyraminx.
    • Reinhardt, The Pivot System (Bass or Treble), Elkan Vogel.
    • Schlossberg . Daily Drills For Trombone. Baron.
  2. Melodious Studies
  3. Articulation and Technique Studies
  4. Clef Studies
    • Blazevich-Hunsberger, Clef Studies for Trombone. M.C.A.
    • Blazevich, Twenty Six Sequences, M.C.A.
    • Miller. School for Trombone, Book 3. Sprat.
    • Fink. Introducing the Tenor Clef for Trombone. Accura
  5. Low Register Studies
  6. Rhythm Studies
    • Spear, Stein, and Lamitola, Basic Syncopation for Trombone (Trumpet). Pro-Art.
    • Gates -Odd Meter Etudes, Gornston.
  7. Stylistic Etudes
  8. Duet Material
  9. Miscellaneous
C. Text And Reference Material
  1. Brass Anthology, The Instrumentalist
  2. Farkas, The Art of Brass Playing. Brass Publications.
  3. Reinhardt. The Pivot System For Trombone (Trumpet) Elkan-Vogel.
  4. Reinhardt, The Encyclopedia of the Pivot System Colin.
  5. Weast, Brass Performance, McGinnis and Marx.
  6. Rasmussen. Teacher's Mime to the Literature of Brass Instruments, Appleyard.
  7. Robert King. Brass Players' Guide to the Literature, King.
D. Solo Material
  1. See Ohio Music Education Association Contest List Of Euphonium (Baritone Horn) Solos.
E. Recordings
  1. Brasch. Harold, "Mr. Euphonium". Harold Brasch. 2707 S. June Street, Arlington, Virginia. 22202.
  2. Brasch. Harold, "International Music Camp". Century 35776.
  3. Dart, Fred, "O.M.E.A. Contest List Recordings", Coronet 1054.
  4. Droste. Paul, *Euphonium Solos- Coronet 3026.
  5. Falcone. Leonard. -Leonard Falcone And His Baritone- (Vol. I), Crest Re7001. Golden Crest.
  6. Falcone. Leonard. "Leonard Falcone And His Baritone" (Vol. II), Golden Chest Re7016.
  7. Falcone, Leonard. "Leonard Falcone And His Baritone" (Vol. III ) Golden Crest Re7036.
  8. Marsteller. Robert. "Bounds For Success". Kendor.
  9. Smith. Henry Charles, "Henry Charles Smith Plays Baritone," Coronet 1714.
  10. Young, Raymond. "Clinician Series". Golden Crest, Re1007.
  11. Young, Raymond. "Baritone Horn Solos", Golden Crest Re7025.
This concludes the list of recommended literature for the euphonium. A warm "thank you" goes out to Dr. Paul Droste of The Ohio State University School of Music, for this excellent list. Persons interested in further material of Dr. Droste's are directed to the 1976 list of baritone horn-euphonium solos of the Ohio Music Education Association. As well as his doctoral dissertation. "Arranging String Literature for the Euphonium" from the graduate college of the University of Arizona. Excerpts of Dr. Droste's dissertation may be found in the fall 1977 (vol. V, no. 1) issue of the Tubists' Universal Brotherhood Association Journal, and are highly recommended heading for a historical outline of the euphonium and a defense of borrowing literature from the repetoire of other instruments. (ed.)

NOTE: this article is reprinted from Euphonia magazine, October, 1977, with permission of the publisher, Glenn Call. This post will be changed to a webpage in the near future, and will be found under the Euphonium menu on the main site.
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