March Collection for Euphonium-Tuba Quartet

by David Werden

Arranged by David Werden, these 14 marches can be played by any level tuba quartet and are priced at a reduced rate to encourge purchase and performenace of not just one march, but several! Available as a collection ($70 for printed music or $50 for PDF downloads) and can also be purchased individually ($10 each - titles below are linked to purchase). Hard-copy printed versions and downloadable PDF versions are available.

Click here to order from Cimarron Music's website.

Title Composer
IndependentiaR. B. Hall
Billboard MarchJohn Klohr
Garry Owen MarchIrish traditional
Voice of GunsKenneth Alford
El CapitanJohn Phillp Sousa
King CottonJohn Phillp Sousa
Carrollton MarchKarl King
Men of OhioHenry Fillmore
The ScreamerFred Jewell
The Boys of the Old BrigadeW. Paris Chambers
Chimes of LibertyJohn Phillp Sousa
The Circus KingC.E. Duble
Dixie Doodle (Dixie and Yankee Doodle)traditional
Old ComradesCarl Teike

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