by David Werden

Originally for Clarinet, these selected etudes work equally well for Euphonium. The studies are a challenge musically and technically. Available in treble or bass clef. $20.00

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13 Selected Rose Etudes, by David Werden

These etudes were originally for clarinet, and as such they offer the euphoniumist a somewhat different type of technique. This will help develop a more complete skillset so the player is prepared for a wider variety of musical challenges.

The following is from a review in the journal of the International Tuba-Euphonium Association (ITEA), Fall 2016, Volume 44 number 1:

This collection of technical and lyrical etudes have been selected from a staple in the pedagogical materials for clarinet and adapted for euphonium. The drive of these studies is predominantly to develop facility and technique in multiple registers while preserving musicality. Because this new adaptation of the Rose etudes only utilizes a select thirteen of the clarinet studies, the arranger has included a parenthetical note with each etude that indicates the original number to aid with study and comparison. Werden has also been thoughtful in his adaptation of these studies, allowing this book to address technical challenges on the euphonium while still remaining idiomatic.

An incredibly valuable addition to these studies is David Werden's inclusion of several repeated etudes that are designed to train specific registers. Building competency on these studies in a comfortable register and then moving these same motives up or down into problem areas will serve to not only improve facility in these extreme registers, but also improve intonation and musical interpretation in these generally difficult environments.
~Dr. David Earll, University of Wisconsin-Platteville

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