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Album: Uther Pendragon
Artist: Rocha, Gilles
Ensemble/Accompanist:    Valloton / Moren, piano
Label/Number: Marcophon LC 1374

Pieces on this album:
Composer   Title
    Bach / Reift     Air from Suite No. 3
    Debans, Eddy     Zingaresca
    Dinicu / Barclay     Hora Staccato
    Hohne, Carl     Slavonic Fantasy
    Moren, Bertrand     Eastern Dances
    Newton, Rodney     Baritone Aria
    Rocha, Gilles     Crazy Turkey
    Rocha, Gilles     Fiesta Mexicana
    Rocha, Gilles     Song for My Love
    Rocha, Gilles     Uther Pendragon
    Sarasata / Dokshitser     Gypsy Airs

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