This site is owned and operated by David Werden. The main site is focused on the needs and interests of tuba, baritone, and euphonium players. The Links area and some other general music areas are broader in focus.

David Werden was the solo euphoniumist with The U.S. Coast Guard Band for 26 years. During that career he began to arrange music for various instrumental combinations, especially those involving euphoniums and tubas. In 1976 the Atlantic Tuba Quartet was founded, with members David Werden and Denis Winter, euphoniums, and Gary Buttery and David Chaput, tubas. David, Denis, and Gary immediately saw the need for high-quality arrangements for such an ensemble and wrote several. Other players who heard these arrangements inquired about how to purchase them, so we founded Whaling Music Publishers in 1977. Whaling Music grew with more pieces in the catalog every year, several other composers added, and sales in the USA and dozens of foreign countries. David Werden took over complete operation of Whaling Music after a few years, and created this website in 1996. In the 1990's he sold rights to all of Whaling Music's publications to Cimarron Music Productions, which later became Cimarron Music Press. On the music pages on this site you find links to David Werden's arrangements on Cimarron's own website.

Using the menu at the top of the page, you can go directly to David's music arrangements for brass and woodwind instruments, woodwind quintets, brass quintets, euphonium-tuba quartets, and saxophone quartet.

The site has gradually expanded to include valuable content from other sources. There is an extensive (and growing!) list of articles by Arthur Lehman (legendary euphonium soloist with the U.S. Marine Band for 20 years), and reprints of articles from Euphonia Magazine. We also have an extremely popular article on the difference between baritone horn and euphonium (which is reprinted and extended from a monograph David created in his early days in the Coast Guard Band to answer this age-old question).

Another valuable resource on the site is a Euphonium Music Guide, a comprehensive list of music that was originally written for euphonium. It includes music for solo euphonium and for euphonium in a variety of ensemble setting. It also has a list of euphonium excerpts in orchestra and a list of euphonium recordings. This was the first searchable guide to euphonium literature on the web, and was the first major portion of this website to be deployed in 1996. The Guide started as a project by Denis Winter, and was first published only in printed form in 1977. David Werden took over the maintenance and updating of the guide and it is not about 400% the size of the original Guide.

In an effort to create and encourage a community of euphonium and tuba players, there is a Euphonium - Tuba Discussion Forum that has some wonderful contributors offering a wide variety of opinions and fact. You can browse the forum freely, but you must be a member to post questions and answers. Membership is free. The forum was first begun in 1999, but the underlying software was discontinued in 2001. When the forum was re-deployed with new software, some of the most timeless original posts were migrated to the new software to preserve the content.

In more recent years, another dynamic section was added: a guide to low brass mouthpieces. Just as the Euphonium Music Guide was the first dynamically-driven guide, where looking up information was much more flexible than with a "static" site, the mouthpiece guide is sortable and can be filtered based on cup size. Currently there are sections for euphonium mouthpieces, trombone mouthpieces, and tuba mouthpieces.

Following on the same pattern of building unique, data-driven content, the newest portion of the site is Brass Music Videos. This is a carefully-selected collection of the best videos from the popular video sharing site YouTube. However, the informaton is organized in a more friendly manner. All videos are listed by artist. You can choose an artist to see all of his/her videos. You can easily see which are the newest videos in any section and have the ability to report if you find a video listed here that no longer works. There are already well over 1,000 videos to choose from!

The site also follows hobby-related areas. There is a comprehensive discography of recordings by Doc Severinsen. You can also take a break and visit the Humor area.

Virtually all of the content presented is available for free viewing. The maintenance of the site and the related software is expensive, so we rely on a few high-quality affiliate programs to help defray expenses. If you buy through the provided links, the site earns a small commission from the merchant, but it costs you nothing extra. Many of the music CD's listed on the site are linked, for example. Also, if you are gift shopping, please use our Gift Page as a starting point. This will take you to vendors where you can find some great gifts (for yourself or others!) at low prices.

Much of the material on this site is intended to be eductional. As such, we will usually grant re-print permissions. Send requests to us by using our contact form and explain the use you have for the information, including the distribution and the target audience.

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