Other Wedding Resources (and Fun)

Resources to help you plan and to help you relax

No doubt about it -- planning a wedding is a lot of work.

There are now computer software applications that can help you with some of the tasks, which are listed on the right.

Also, during and after the planning sessions, you will need to relax. Some of the videos listed on the lower right may help you achieve that goal.

A few video titles are listed on this page, but there are many more to choose from, including such titles as:

See the whole list of video titles...

or the whole list of DVD titles...

  Magazines and Software:
Bride's - Magazine Subscription (long-time favorite for wedding ideas)

Modern Bride - Magazine Subscription

Emily Post's Guide to Weddings (CD-ROM)
Keep track of all aspects of your wedding: guest list and responses; seating arrangements at the reception; gifts received and thank-you notes written; transportation arrangements for members of the wedding party; and advice for negotiating with photographers, florists, and musicians.

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