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Grimethorp Colliery Brass Band.
(Original score written by Trevor Jones)

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Staring Ewan McGregor (you may remember him from Star Wars Episode 1) and Tara Fitzgerald, and featuring the Grimethorp Colliery Band, this movie was centered around a British Brass Band and their quest for the National Championship. Outstanding playing by one of England's finest brass bands. After watching this, you will have a much greater understanding of the British brass band scene.

Songs include:

  • Death Or Glory
  • A Sad Old Day
  • Floral Dance
  • Aforementioned Essential Items
  • En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor
  • Years Of Coal
  • March Of The Cobblers
  • There's More Important Things In Life
  • Cross Of Honor
  • Jerusalem
  • Florentiner March
  • Danny Boy
  • We'll Find A Way
  • Clog Dance
  • Colonel Bogey
  • All Things Bright And Beautiful
  • William Tell Overture
  • Honest Decent Human Beings
  • Pomp And Circumstance

The CD is a 20-bit digital recording. The video is available on VHS or DVD. You may purchase either one securely with your credit card.

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