Marches: Always Ready, Semper Paratus

The United States Coast Guard Band

One of the finest bands in the world, the U. S. Coast Guard Band, is led by Lewis J. Buckley in the wonderful assortment of American Music. The album includes marches and original band compositions. The cost is only $16.99 and the program includes the following:
  1. Independentia - R. B. Hall
  2. The Thunderer - John Philip Sousa
  3. US Coast Guard Bicentennial - Lewis J. Buckley
  4. The Golden Reserve - L. J. Buckley
  5. Billboard March - Klohr
  6. Bravura - Duble
  7. King Cotton - Sousa
  8. Under The Double Eagle - Wagner
  9. El Capitan - Sousa
  10. Stars And Stripes Forever - Sousa
  11. Semper Paratus (Always Ready) - van Boskerck
  12. Coast Guardf For'er - Bryer/McPeters
  13. The Star Spangled Banner (The National Anthem) - Key
  14. American Dream - Beckel
  15. Horseless Carriage Galop - Gould
  16. I-95 From Viva Connecticut - Thomas Briggs
  17. Turkey In The Straw - arr. by Buckley
  18. Variations On America - Charles Ives
  19. America The Beautiful - Bates, arr. by Carmen Dragon
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