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    Euphonium Hand Brace: A brace that attaches to the existing hand brace of side-valve euphoniums.
    Euphonium Mouthpiece Chart: Lets you compare mouthpieces and fine other brands near the size you are considering.
    Euphonium Stands: Several stands that help to hold the weight of a euphonium comfortably.
    Tuba Stands: Several links to help support the weight and bulk of the tuba.


    Baltimore Brass Company: New and used tubas and euphoniums, etc.
    Custom Music Company: Importers of euphoniums and tubas.
    DEG Music: The web site of DEG, importer of Willson band instruments.
    Osmun Brass: One of the most-respected brass shops in the country. New and used instruments, repairs, supplies. Dealer for Yamaha Silent Brass, Wick Steven Mead mouthpieces, gig bags, mutes, etc.
    The Brasswind: One of the largest musical instrument stores around, the Brasswind (and Woodwind) carries a good selection of instruments at good prices. Also offer used instruments, accessories, and musical electronics. In-store shopping or mail order.
    Witchita Band Instruments: New and used brass instruments


    Interlochen Arts Academy: The official web site of Interlochen.
    International Euphonium Institute (IEI): Staff of internationally recognized performers and teachers; 6-day intensive course focusing on the advancement of the euphonium through performance, understanding, outreach, and knowledge.
    International Tuba Day: This web site gives you a history of International Tuba Day, as well as information on how to start one.
    ITEC 2001: The official site of ITEC 2001, which will be held in Finland.
    Leonard Falcone Competition: Information about the Falcone Competition for euphoniumists.
    Tuba Christmas Page: Information about Tuba Christmas celebrations all around the U.S.
    U.S. Army Band Tuba-Euphonium Conference: The Army Band hosts this event every year, and it always has fine artists and events.


    Adams Custom Brass: Builder of top-quality brass instruments in The Netherlands.
    Adams Custom Brass: Top-quality brass instruments hand-made in Holland.
    Alexander: This is the link to the English version of the Alexander web site. There is a German flag icon on this site that will take you to the German version if you prefer.
    Besson / Boosey & Hawkes: Home page of the most famous British brass manufacturer. Boosey & Hawkes is no longer a brand being used, and the company has moved to Germany.
    Courtois: Courtois is a French company making a variety of British-style and French-style tubas and euphoniums.
    Hirsbrunner: Maker of extremely high-quality tubas and euphoniums.
    Kanstul: American-made brass instruments.
    Meinl-Weston Instruments: Meinl-Weston's site shows their full range of low brass instruments, including Tubas, Cimbasso, Euphoniums, and Bass Trumpets.
    Miraphone - Germany: Mirophone's (Mirafone) web site lists their instruments, mouthpieces, and recordings.
    Sterling Brass: New website for the British company about to come online.
    United Musical Instruments: This is the large company that now owns Benge, Conn, King. Offers a searchable catalog of their instruments.
    Willson of Switzerland: A modest web site showing all of Willson's brass instruments

Players or Groups

    Aaron Tindall: Site from tuba/euphonium artist Aaron Tindall. Some great sound clips of him playing various repertoire.
    Adam Frey's Site: Adam has a nice site, which lists his new CD of euphonium solos. There are several MP3 sound clips from the CD. Blog was recently added.
    Alan Baer, Tuba: New York Philharmonic tubist Alan Baer has a nice site with photos, links, events, bio, etc. Features his publications through Baer Tracks Music.
    Alchemy Euphonium-Tuba Quartet: The official web page of Alchemy, formerly the Atlantic Tuba Quartet.
    Bastien Baumet, Euphonium: French euphoniumist Bastien Baumet offers a nice site with some videos as well. French or English versions available.
    Ben Pierce, Euphonium: Euphoniumist Ben Pierce is teaching at the University of Arkansas. His site offers a bio, lists of his recordings, some free audio downloads, etc.
    Bob Childs Web Site: Robert Childs now has a very nice Web page with good information and some useful links. Lists his and Childs Brothers recordings.
    Brian C. Wilson: Euphonium artist Brian C. Wilson; site includes great resources for high school contest preparation.
    Charley Brighton, Euphonium: Charley Brighton is one of England's most active soloists. His site is blog based and has links to some of his recordings that are available online.
    Danny Helsteth., Euphonium: Euphoniumist Danny Helseth is a former member of the U.S. Air Force Band. His site has a complete biography, photos, calendar of his events, personal blog, links, etc.
    David Childs: The great British soloist David Childs.
    David Thornton - Euphoniumist: Website for the British euphonium soloist. Includes a nice repertoire suggestions and a list of his recordings.
    Dennis Askew: This site is for Dennis Askew from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He has info for current and prospective students, a nice selection of recordings of solo and ensemble (free downloadable MP3 files), etc.
    EuphStudy: A Japanese site devoted to euphonium. Some content is in English. To navigate, pause your mouse over the links and look at page names for a hint.
    Howard Johnson, Tuba: Web home for the jazz tubist Howard Johnson. Links for his bio, recordings, ensembles, etc.
    James Gourlay, tubist: His website has complete information and discography, plus a few downloadable recordings and compositions (free).
    Jason Ham, Euphonium: Jason is in the West Point Band and has a nice web site, offering articles and sound clips
    Jeff Funderburk, Tuba: Jeff teaches at the University of Northern Iowa. His site has a list of recordings and a very useful collection of articles.
    John Sass, Jazz Tuba: John Sass has a site with updates on his activities, links, info on recordings, etc.
    Loren Marsteller Website: Home page for Loren Marsteller. Includes some great links.
    Luke Spiros, Euphonium: Former Marine Band soloist Lucas Spiros has a simple site with a biography photos. Also a few links.
    Matt Tropman, Euphonium: Former Marine Band euphoniumist Matt Tropman has a site with links, events, and some extensive interviews. Other content seems to be planned for the future.
    Matt van Emmerik, Euphonium: Australian euphoniumist has a very nice-looking site. The first page serenades the visitor with his solo performance of Danny Boy (nice arrangement). Note: there is a sound sample section, but I could not get the player to work.
    Modern Jazz Tuba Project: A group of euphoniums and tuba playing cool jazz. Members include euphoniumists Bill Huber, Barry Green, and Marc Dickman, tubists Joe Murphy, Richard Perry, R. Winston Morris, plus a great rhythm section.
    Nick Etheridge, Tuba: British tubist Nick Etheridge has some intersting projects and a great first recording. Offers some free downloads.
    Oystein Baadsvik, tuba: His site has several downloadable recordings, some fine articles, biography, etc.
    Pat Sheridan's Site: The fantastic tubist's own web site, featuring a photo gallery, schedule, links, sound clips (coming soon), etc.
    Pat Stuckemeyer: Great educational site for euphonium players.
    Rich Matteson site: Chronicles the wonderful talents of jazz euphoniumist Rich Matteson.
    Roger Bobo, Tuba: The amazing tuba soloist Roger Bobo has had a long and prolific career. His site has many resources, including some great articles.
    Roland Froescher, Euphonium: Swiss Euphoniumist Roland Froescher's site. Some free recordings, biography, events, etc.
    Rory Cartmell, Euphonium: A nice site by the young euphoniumist Rory Cartmell. Includes a discussion forum.
    Shoichiro Hokazono, Euphonium: For the Japanese artist Shoichiro Hokazono, named Euphonium Player of the Year in 1997. Most of the site is in Japanese, but the links are good and there is some English content.
    Soto Voce Euphonium-Tuba Quartet: The website of the fabulous Soto Voce euphonium-tuba quartet. Members include Demondrae Thurman and Patrick Schulz, euphoniums, and Nat McIntosh and Michael Forbes, tubas. Site includes sheet music for purchase and downloadable recordings of the group.
    Steve Sykes: The fabulous tuba player, Steve Sykes, is launching a brand new website. It will have many valuable resources.
    Steven Booth's Baritone Site: Steven Booth, a British baritone player, has a site listing his arrangments and compositions for baritone.
    Steven Mead Recordings Web Site: A comprehensive Steven Mead discography, with a listing of new CD's and a way to purchase them.
    Symphonia Web Site: America's premier large tuba-euphonium ensemble now has its own web page.
    Thomas Ruedi: The website for the amazing Swiss euphoniumist Thomas Ruedi.
    Tom Ball, Jazz Euphonium: Tom Ball is an American jazz trombonist and euphoniumist. His site has songs you can buy and a great photo section.
    Tormod R. Flaten: Great euphoniumist from Norway. Site includes MP3 files.
    Tuba4U: Owned by tubist Keith Robinson, this site offers some downloadable music for free in PDF format.
    Ueli Kipfer, Euphonium: Swiss Euphoniumist Ueli Kipfer has a blog-based website with biography, photos, list of recordings, etc.
    Vincent Schaeffer, Euphonium: This is Vincent Schaeffer's site, which is available in French or English. It has an extensive article on technique. He has a CD of Bach Cello Suites, and you can download the MP3 version for free.

Printed Music

    Advanced Clinic: An Acrobat PDF file that contains many musical exercises and text of how to work on them. By Larry Ward
    Arban Book - Euphonium Version: Edited by Brian Bowman and Joe Alessi, this is a new edition of the complete Arban Conservatory Method in bass clef.
    Encore Music Publishers: The web site for Encore Music. Scale Exercises: Free PDF files of scale pratices for various brass, including tuba and euphonium
    Sheet Music Plus: One of the largest sources of sheet music on the web. Also items such as tuners, metronomes, etc.
    Sound Track Music: A site that has listings of players in some very popular films, as well as printable sheet music for a few of them.
    Windood Music: Music publisher from England with some nice euphonium selections.


    * Euphonium Books and Recordings: Listing of books and recordings relating to euphonium. Many link to a live site to purchase online if you wish.
    * Tuba Books and Recordings: Listing of books and recordings relating to tuba. Most link to a live site to purchase online if you wish.
    * Tuba-Euph Postcards: You can send virtual postcards over the web with tuba or euphonium graphics. Free service.
    * The Euphonium Music Guide Online: The online version of The Euphonium Music Guide and Discography by David Werden. Includes the ability to add entries yourself if you know of a recording or original euphonium composition that should be included.
    Advanced Clinic: An Acrobat PDF file that contains many musical exercises and text of how to work on them. By Larry Ward
    Brass Forum: A new forum with area for all brass instruments, brass bands and wind bands, and other ensembles.
    Brass Players in Film Music: Lists many popular movies and then tells you who was in the brass section. Searchable.
    Brass Players in Soundtracks: An interesting resource listing brass players in soundtracks of several popular movies. No euphoniums yet, but tpt, hn, tbn, and tuba. Also a section about equipment used by the players.
    Brass Reviews: This site offers reviews of tubas and euphoniums. You can add your own.
    British Euphonium Discography: A listing of many recordings that were made in England in the 50's, 60's, and 70's.
    Chatfield Band Library: A huge resource for old band arrangement. I believe it works on a lending basis.
    Cleaning a Brass Instrument: Information about cleaning and maintaining a brass instrument. Supplied by Custom Music Company.
    Cleaning Brass Instruments: A good link with information about cleaning your brass instrument. Supplied by MusiChem Company, Inc.
    Dr. Young's Tuba: This site has several spreadsheets in Excel format that explain the theoretical intonation differences between 3 and 4 valve compensating and non-compensating euphoniums.
    Dutch Tuba Site: This site has a great list of links to euphonium and tuba sites.
    Euphonium History: A very nice article detailing the history and development of the euphonium. Wikipedia.
    Euphonium World of Akihiko Ito: Source of music, information about The Euphonium Company (Japanese euphonium ensemble), and links. English version is not perfected, but still interesting.
    Euphtopia: A new site about the euphonium. Features a discussion forum and a links page.
    Frank Noonan's Web Site: Nice new site by euphoniumist Frank J. Noonan. Good selection of links to sites of interest to musicians.
    History of the Euphonium by Jeff Cottrell: A good history, which also covers the use of euphonium in orchestral music.
    History of the Sousaphone: Provided by the J. W. Pepper site, this is an short article about the first sousaphone along with a picture.
    I.T.E.A. online: Now renamed from T.U.B.A. to the International Tuba and Euphonium Association, this is their official site.
    Mantia Biography and History: Biography of Simone Mantia
    Ophicleide fingering charts: complete fingering chart for an ophicleide.
    Salvation Army Euphonium Recordings: Very comprehensive listing of Salvation Army euphonium recordings.
    Ship Large Instruments with Amtrak: This is the web site for Amtrak Express. Their reputation is very good for handling large packages like tubas.
    T.U.B.A. Press: The Tuba-Euphonium Press is now managed by Cimarron Music Press.
    T.U.B.A.-Online: Now renamed to the International Tuba and Euphonium Association, this is their official site.
    Tips on Playing: Sound clips and links to resources about playing tuba and euphonium. Includes master class clips from Arnold Jacobs.
    Tuba Central: A good site with articles such as What Makes Up the Price of a Tuba. Links to other sites. Classified ads.
    Tuba/Euph ListServer: This is a discussion list for tuba and euphonium. If you sign on, you will share email with other tuba/euphonium players around the world. A nice collection of reviews, downloads, articles, links, etc. for Tuba and Euphonium
    TubeNet: Many Resources, including Email Database, Ensembles, 1997 International Tuba Euphonium Conference, Jobs, Personal Home Pages, Music Shops and Organizations, TUBA Membership Form, TubeNet BBS
    Variations on the Baritone Horn and the Euphonium : A very informative site on the euphonium and its history and construction.
    You Play a What?: Article by Brian Bowman answering the usual question.


    Euphonium Books and Recordings: Listing of books and recordings relating to euphonium. Many link to a live site to purchase online if you wish.
    Tuba Books and Recordings: Listing of books and recordings relating to tuba. Most link to a live site to purchase online if you wish.
    Brook Mays Music: A good selection of baritones, euphoniums and tubas for sale from the web site.
    Dolly Bags: Gig bags for tubas that offer superb protection.
    Johnson Cases: Molded cases for excellent protection of your tuba or euphonium
    Mouthpiece Express: An online resource for buying brass or woodwind mouthpieces. They carry many major brands, including the Wick/Mead series
    Steven Mead Recordings Web Site: A comprehensive Steven Mead discography, with a listing of new CD's and a way to purchase them.
    T.U.B.A. Press: The Tuba-Euphonium Press is now managed by Cimarron Music Press.
    Trombone Classifieds: Provided by the Trombone Association, this site has classifieds for trombones and euphoniums, accessories, and music.
    Tuba Mutes from TrumCor: A complete line of quality tuba mutes, including practice mutes.
    Windsong Press: A source for recordings and books by such greats as Arnold Jacobs and Phillip Farkas.

Special Articles

    Baritone or Euphonium?: Defines the difference between a baritone and euphonium. By David Werden. Several photos. Or, choose a text version (no tables or photos).
    Choosing a Euphonium: Advice on various ways of testing euphoniums before a purchase. Authored by David Werden.
    Compensating System Explained: Explains the operation of (and necessity for) the 4-valve compensating system found on most professional euphoniums.
    Euphonium Band Auditions Web Page: Site with advice on euphonium auditions for service bands. Includes annotated musical examples and advice from Neal Corwell and David Werden.
    Euphonium/Tuba Brands: Discussion Forum: An open, online forum for discussion characteristics of different euphonium and tuba brands, repertoire, auditions, general music advice, and more.
    More Thoughts About the Tuba: A second article by Barton Cummings especially for this web site.
    Thoughts About the Tuba: Article by Barton Cummings especially for this web site.




    Coda Music Technology: Publishers of Finale music notation software and Vivace accompaniment systems.
    Giardinelli Instrument Sales: Catalog of musical instruments and accessories.
    John Packer LTD.: A large musical instrument dealer in the UK. Many brands, useful links, etc.
    Osmun Brass: One of the most-respected brass shops in the country. New and used instruments, repairs, supplies. Dealer for Yamaha Silent Brass, Wick Steven Mead mouthpieces, gig bags, mutes, etc.
    The Brasswind: One of the largest musical instrument stores around, the Brasswind (and Woodwind) carries a good selection of instruments at good prices. Also offer used instruments, accessories, and musical electronics. In-store shopping or mail order.


    Bar Harbor Brass Week: "The Bar Harbor Brass Week is an intensive educational and performance experience for select college and high school brass musicians, sponsored by the Mark Woolman Horner Music Education Fund."
    Santa Fiora in Musica: A new festival aimed at providing an intense individual and brass chamber music experience for amateurs and professionals alike. MARIO BARSOTTI and ROGER BOBO are there for tubists. English version available.
    Summit Brass Rafael Mendez Brass Institute: Official website for this annual symposium. Includes coaching, master classes, student and faculty performances as well as a concert by Summit Brass.
    Swiss Brass Week: All about the event - registration information, hotels, players/faculty, etc.


    Cylinder Recordings Project: The University of Southern California is copying many old wax cylinder recordings to digital format. So far there are historic recordings online by cornet and trombone soloist from the very early 1900's.
    Rock and Roll Timeline: From the Hall of Fame, this section of their site has an interactive time line of rock music.
    Vintage Brass Band Pictures: Photos of old brass bands from all over the world.

Instrument Cleaning and Maintenance

    BiNaK valve oil: A great new valve oil. Highly recommended.
    Brass Saver Swabs: A line of cleaning swabs (or snakes) for brass and woodwind instruments.
    Cleaning a brass instrument: A very complete description of the process you should go through to properly clean a brass instrument.
    Ferres Tools: A large collection of specialty tools and supplies for repairing musical instruments.
    Silver Polish - Tarni Shield: A web site where you can purchase 3M's Tarni-Shield, a fine polish that helps prevent tarnish.
    Silver Polish Tips: This page contains a thorough description of how tarnish happens and the best ways to polish it and prevent it.


    Smithsonian Jazz: Jazz portal for Smithsonian Institution. Information on jazz exhibits, events, and concerts. Jazz performances, oral histories, jazz artists, jazz videos, jazz portraits and jazz program notes.

Musical Humor

    Miserable Melodies: A web site of unfortunate recordings. The site's motto is: "Recorded with good intentions... and bad results."
    Rock and Roll Hall of Shame: This site has sound clips of movie stars attempting to be rock singers.


    Recording Brass Instruments: Advice by David Summer on how to record brass instruments.

Players or Groups

    Army School of Music: The United States Army has a very good school music. The web site features links to all their bands.
    Brass Bands in the U.S. and Canada: This page is hosted by the Cincinnati Brass Band and lists dozens of brass bands in North America.
    Canadian Brass Website: All about the Canadian Brass, plus shopping for their recordings and sheet music arrangements.
    Fodens Band: The official Website of Fodens. Has a complete list of their recordings, including several sound files.
    Jack Daniel's Original Silver Cornet Band: The band brings vividly to life the sights and sounds of a vanished era in American musical history via a 12 piece band of professional musicians dedicated to playing music of the Small Town Bands of over half a century ago
    Navy School of Music: The Navy School of Music has a long tradition of helping musicians develop their skills.
    Philip Glass Music Engine: An innovative interface to Philip Glass music. Uses Java.
    Trumpet Stuff: A great collection of information and audio/video clips of trumpeters (classical and jazz).
    U. S. Air Force Academy Band: From Colorado, this band's site has information on auditions, performances, and their personnel.
    U. S. Air Force Band: One of the best military bands around. The web site may be slow, so be patient.
    U. S. Air Force Heritage of America Band: The Heritage of America Band is stationed in Nebraska and has a number of recordings online.
    U. S. Army Band, Pershings Own: Very fine web site that discusses the concerts, vacancies, history, etc., plus the Tuba-Euphonium Symposium and the Trombone Workshop.
    U. S. Navy Music Program: Discusses all the Navy's music programs and bands.
    United States Coast Guard Band: Home page of the USCG Band. History, schedules, and vacancies.
    United States Marine Band: Home page of the U.S. Marine Band. History, schedules, vacancies, audio,etc.

Printed Music

    Tradition and Folk Music: A long list of traditional and folk music.


    4 Bars Rest: The world's most visited brass band website with latest news and information and a huge selection of CDs, DVDs and books for sale.
    All Songs Considered: If you are wondering what that song was that you heard between segments of NPR's All Things Considered, this site will list complete details.
    American Music Center: A resource for American music. Search for compositions including any selected instrument.
    American Music Collection: From the Library of Congress, this is a searchable collection of historic music. There are downloadable graphic files of each page of music.
    Answers about Music Copyright: Answers to many questions about copyright. Site tells you how you can know if music is in the public domain.
    Band A good reference for school band music. For example, there are comparison charts of popular brands of student brass instruments and mouthpieces.
    Berklee Music Lessons: Free music lessons and music industry advice from Berklee College of Music.
    Besson Serial Number List: Not complete, but useful list of serial numbers for Besson.
    Brass Reviews: A site offering reviews of all brass instruments. You can just browse or you can add your own reviews.
    Brass World Magazine Online: A good online resource with articles about all brass instruments. A great site featuring online news, information about shows, song lists from shows (some with audio clips), venues, and ticketing.
    Community Band Resources: A very large resource of community band links. Also has such useful links as Out of Print Music.
    Community Music E-List: A web resource for band fans.
    Copyright Information on Educational Use: A good article with Guidelines for Educational Uses of Music
    Curnow Music Publications: This site has James Curnow's music, plus a number of free resources such as copyright guides.
    Find a Song: This site lets you enter notes from a song on a graphic piano keyboard or by entering sequence codes. You can even whistle the tune if you have a computer microphone.
    Find New Musical Styles: This site lets you specify a song or musician you like. Then it analyzes various factors and gives you suggestions about other music you might like.
    Fingering Practice: A site that gives you on online drill for fingerings for brass instruments. Look under the TRAINER option. Other very useful features on the site as well.
    Free Music Online: From Change, this site offers free music downloads. You can also post music of your band.
    Free Sheet Music: A large collection of free sheet music sources.
    Jeff's Trumpet Page: Interviews, biographies, and solo transcriptions of some of the finest jazz trumpet players
    Midomi: Looking for a song title? This site lets you sing into your computer microphone and it will find the song name.
    Mouthpiece Guide: A guide to various aspects of mouthpiece design. Provided by Bach, but still has much good information about mouthpiece terminology.
    Mozart Sheet Music: Online database of Mozart's music.
    Music Terms: A list of all common music terms and their meaning.
    Music Theory Class: This online course is free, easy, and is designed to give you some rudimentary knowledge of the basic concepts of music.
    Musical Instrument Collections: This site lists musical instrument collections that can be found in many U.S. states, as well as some in other countries.
    National Band Council of Australia: Resource for banding in Australia. Covers several band organizations, contests, etc.
    Online Trombone Journal: A site with various trombone articles and resources.
    Orchestra Statistics: Lists various statistics about many U.S. orchestras. Inlcludes Weeks in Season, Basic Weekly Scale, Minimum Annual Salary, Average Services per Week, and Paid Vacation. Articles on Brass Playing: A small but nice collection of articles on playing brass. Talks about trumpet, but most points are useful for any brass player.
    R. Jones Brass Links: A very comprehensive list of brass links.
    R. Jones Web Site: A collection of very useful links for brass players.
    Serial Numbers from Saxworx: A very good list of serial numbers for brass and woodwind instruments.
    Shrine to Music Museum: Operated by The University of South Dakota, the museum has a collection of over 6,000 instruments. The staff are experts in antique instruments., Online Recordings: A searchable site with a huge selection of recordings for free listening.
    Songs Used in Commercials: This site lists the music that your hear in commercials. Do you wonder what that song was that Mercedes-Benz used in that Pre-Owned Cars commercial? You will find it here.
    Stolen Instrument Database: This site lets you report details of a stolen instrument so you can get help recovering it.
    USA Community Bands: A list of most of the Community Bands in the United States. There is a link at the top of this page to get contact information for each band.
    Vintage Cornets: A site with all kinds of information about cornets and cornet players.
    Writing for Brass Band: An excellent article on scoring for brass band. Includes advice for each individual instrument and some PDF music examples.


    1-800 USA Band: An online store for musical instruments and accessories.
    Amazon MP3 Downloads: Amazon's MP3 files are usually recorded at 256 bit rate for better audio quality, and they are not copy-protected, making it easier to copy to your portable devices.
    Band Classics: An online store with many old band arrangements, including some solo features.
    Brook Mays Music: All types of music products available online.
    Editions Marc Reift: This Swiss publisher carries music and recordings for brass.
    Hickeys Music Center: A wide assortment of low brass music, accessories and cd's.
    Record Store Review: Reviews of about 800 record/CD stores from 25 countries.
    Sheet Music Plus: Sheet Music and Accessories from a large online store. Sheet music of all styles, guitar tabs, songbooks, and accessories such as tuners, strings, software, microphones, and cables.
    The Brasswind: One of the largest musical instrument stores around, the Brasswind (and Woodwind) carries a good selection of instruments at good prices. Also offer used instruments, accessories, and musical electronics. In-store shopping or mail order.
    Used CD's from A searchable selection of used CD's that you can purchase directly from the Web.
    Used Instrument Listing: Music Go Round: A site that collects prices on used instruments from many different stores.


    Igor Notation Software: A free download that got a good personal review in the TUBA discussion list.