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Compensating Euphoniums - Intonation:
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This is a record of tuning tests I have done on several popular brands of 4-valve compensating euphoniums. There are more I would like to add as I have the chance to spend quality time with them and do some testing. I have a system I have used for many years to do these tests — it is my attempt to make the results consistent. You can read more about how these tests were done on my blog: Methodology for Evaluating Intonation.

Choose the horns you want to compare from the list below. You can combine them in any way you like, but you may find it clearer to view only two at a time.

 ACB Doubler 
 Adams E1
 Adams E3
 Besson Prestige 2051
 Besson Sovereign 967
 Eastman 826
 JP Sterling 374
 Jupiter XO
 Miraphone 1258
 Miraphone 5050
 Shires Q41 
        Sterling Virtuos
 Wessex EP600 (Prototype)
 Wessex Festivo (Prototype)
 Wessex Dolce Cantibile
 Willson 2900
 Willson 2960
 Yamaha 641

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