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if I had the chance, I would ask them . . .

(1) How many auditions did you take before you landed your current/past position?

(2) In your mind, what was the most influential element in your preparation that helped you win the job?

(3) What did you do differently in your job winning audition that you didn't do in previous auditions?

(4) What do you look for as a committee member from candidates auditioning for a position?  a certain tone quality? type of vibrato? absolute, technical perfection?

(5) What preparatory strategy do you recommend your own students undertake to perform successfully at auditions?. . . specific routines? . . . audition texts or supplementary readings?

(6) If you could recommend only ten euphonium excerpts that a student must have "performance ready" at all times, which would they be?  Or give, in your opinion, the ten excerpts that would be most likely to show up on audition lists or in sight-reading.

(7) Scenario: You make the final round of an audition, the jury asks for more sight-reading.  The first excerpt they give you, is something you have never seen before. How do you approach it?  Do you ask the jury for the tempo?  Do you let them know that you've never seen the excerpt before? Can you share any personal experiences with this scenario-- what excerpt did the jury ask you to play?

(8) General euphonium audition advice:

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