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Video: The Music Man - Great movie, and you can actually see double-bell euphoniums at the end!
Euphonium CD: Brian Bowman - First Carnegie Hall Euphonium Recital
Euphonium Solo CD: Adam Frey - Collected Dreams, Scottish, Irish, and classical songs with synthesizer
Band CD: Eastman Wind Ensemble - Live in Osaka. Music by Holst, Grainger, and more.
Tuba CD: Roger Bobo - Tuba Libera - Great combination of modern compositions and old favorites.

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Mark Jenkins, Endearing Young Charms (08/15/2020)
With the U.S. Marine Band, Mark Jenkins does a brilliant job on this traditional euphonium solo!
Belle of Chicago - Practice Tips (08/14/2020)
Sousa's fine "Belle of Chicago" march has some interesting features. I'll tell you about them and demonstrate! Free sheet music download available.
Brian Bowman, Original Fantasy (08/09/2020)
From 45 years ago, with the U.S. Bicentennial Band. Brian Bowman was the featured soloist (on his Besson at that time).
Instant Concert (08/08/2020)
A piece we often used as an encore in the Coast Guard Band. A great arrangement that contains about 130 songs if I remember correctly!
Liebesfreud - Euphonium Duet (08/06/2020)
My arrangement of Fritz Kreisler's lovely "Liebesfreud" ("Love's Joy"), with Tim Morris and Sara Brunk
Euphonium Lap Pad (08/05/2020)
One of my most valuable accessories, it helps me maintain correct posture and reduces strain on my left arm/wrist.
Excerpt: Andrea Chenier (08/04/2020)
A lovely Italian overture with some very nice parts for the euphonium!
Euphonium Mouthpiece: Wick 4AL vs Wick 3AL (08/03/2020)
Two mouthpieces of identical design concept. My own 4AL compared to the 3AL with its larger cup.
Schubert's An Die Musik (08/02/2020)
A lovely song by Schubert. It's very simple, but leaves room for your own musicality to come out!
Euphonium Mouthpiece: Wick 4AL vs Schilke 51D (07/31/2020)
Comparing 2 very popular professional-level mouthpieces using 3 short excerpts. The 2 mouthpieces are presented back-to-back in each excerpt to make comparison easier.
Euphonium Excerpts: Dahl Sinfonietta (07/30/2020)
I play the excerpts (from my excerpt book) for the Sinfonietta, plus there is a recording of my playing with a band so you can hear the context.
Circus Bee March - Practice Tips (07/29/2020)
Here is some advice on preparing this exciting march properly. There is a link in the YouTube description to download (free) the TC or BC music!
Excerpt: Universal Judgement (07/27/2020)
From my excerpt book, here is a tough warhorse by DeNardis called "Universal Judgement".
Low Range Work with a Rose Etude (07/26/2020)
I found one of the etudes in my Rose Etudes book to be very useful for working in the low register!
Charlier No. 2 (and Alternate Fingering Demo) (07/24/2020)
The lovely Etude 2 from Charlier's trumpet book is a favorite of mine. I'll play some of it and demonstrate the alternate fingering suggested by the publisher for a trill.
3-Valve Compensating Baritone Demo (07/23/2020)
Here is my own baritone horn with 3-valve compensating, with a quick overview of its intonation advantage.
Hailstorm (07/18/2020)
From a live recital, presented on social media in 5 parts. The link here talks you to the full (live) performance at the University of Iowa.
Bach Toccata and Fugue - Excerpt (07/17/2020)
Practicing from my excerpt book. This little excerpt got me 1st chair in All State band in high school! The link here is to the Excerpt Book playlist (I'm slowly building it)
Practicing the "Arpeggione Sonata" by Schubert (07/16/2020)
The favorite piece I've ever arranged, a beautiful masterwork by Schubert. The link here is to the full movement with piano.
Wooden Heart (Muss i Denn) (07/15/2020)
The German folk song that was turned into a pop song for Elvis Presley. Euphonium quartet, playing from my euphonium-tuba quartet arrangement.
Wick 4AL vs Bach 5G Euphonium Mouthpieces (07/14/2020)
Another quick mouthpiece test. The 4AL is my standard mouthpiece, and the 5G is a popular "step-up" mouthpiece that is easier for young players to manage.
Goodbye to Love - Carpenters Song on Euphonium (07/13/2020)
This simple song by The Carpenters is depectively difficult to play with the correct style. I thought it would make a nice challenge.
How to Save Time in Practice: The "Half-Tempo" Practice Method (07/12/2020)
This tip is a combination of tips I learned from the famous clarinet teacher Leon Russianoff and trumpet star Doc Severinsen.
Euphonium Compensating System Explained Using a Trombone! (07/11/2020)
Because a trombone is such a "visual" instrument, it can easily demonstrate why the compensating is necessary.
Comfy Euphonium Strap (07/10/2020)
A brililant little strap that makes holding euphonium much easier and more secure.
Alone Yet Not Alone (07/09/2020)
From the movie of the same name, music by Bruce Broughton. (The video aspect ratio is off - sorry about that). In the beginning, notice the subtle change in sound I get by aiming the bell differently after the first phrase.
Charlier Etude No. 2 - Samples and Alternate Fingering (07/08/2020)
This is my favorite of the Charlier etudes, geared for working on style. I play some for a demo, but also discuss the technical tip Charlier offers at the end of the etude.
Alternate Fingerings - Demonstration (07/07/2020)
This is a demonstration of the way alternate fingerings can help you.
Come to the Fair (07/06/2020)
Here is the full video with Sara Brunk on piano. This is a fun song!
Coast Guard Band, Today Show, July 3, 1992 - All Clips (07/01/2020)
From Governor's Island (at that time it was a Coast Guard base) in New York Harbor.
Chiapanecas (06/28/2020)
As part of a joint concert with Oystein Baadsvik, I played this Rafael Mendez solo. It's one of my favorites. Tempo is a bit slow here because of lack of rehearsal time, but the song still works.
All-Star Trumpet Quartet (06/27/2020)
From the old Steve Allen show, 3 famous trumpet players joined by pianist Steve Allen, who is playing trumpet. Good fun!
Arban #50 for Phrasing and Practice (06/26/2020)
Here I offer detailed advice on an aspect of phrasing, plus discussion of why you want to practice in multiple octaves.
Baritone/Euphonium Duet (06/25/2020)
Croft Sonata II from my old Voxman duet book. This helps demonstrate the different in tone between a British-style baritone horn and a euphonium.
They Didn't Believe Me - 5 Euphoniums (06/23/2020)
Lovely song by Jerome Kern. This arrangement uses close harmony, and benefits from the smooth tone of euphoniums.
Garry Owen March - How to Practice It (06/22/2020)
This popular Irish march is used often around St. Patrick's Day at at other times. It is a bit difficult to play in some ways. These tips should help you.
Till There Was You (06/20/2020)
This is from the musical "The Music Man," and is a pretty song when sung or when played on euphonium. In the show it was sung by both a man and woman, so it is not inconsistent to hear it on a low-brass instrument.
Mephisto Masque (06/15/2020)
The black American-born composer Edmond Dédé wrote this in the mid-1800's, and I created the first modern version for euphonium and piano.
Schumann Romance No. 2 (06/12/2020)
A very pretty song, but with plenty of challenges! Large intervals and high range for starters.
Send in the Clowns (06/11/2020)
Nice Sondheim song with a jazz combo (recorded) accompanying me.
Is a Crescendo Always a Crescendo? (06/10/2020)
Marches in particular often have written crescendo/descrendo marks, but they are not always dynamic markings!
When I Look in Your Eyes (06/09/2020)
A sample of the lovely song from the old Dr. Doolittle movie. It's very relaxing to listen to - a good thing right now!
Building Strength and High Range - The Right Way (06/08/2020)
Part of my 11-minute video on building strength and high range!
Sunday Kind of Love (06/07/2020)
A demo of a pretty melody. I have a full video with piano if you go to my social links page at dwerden.com/social
Playing Ornaments: Arban #49 (06/05/2020)
A discussion of how to handle the ornaments in this Arban song.
Reicha Quartet #2 (06/04/2020)
The 2nd movement of my 4-movement suite, played here with 4 euphoniums. It is a nice, flowing waltz.
Reicha Quartet #3 (06/03/2020)
Full video of this beautiful movement from my arrangement of 4 Reicha quartets. Be sure to hear the whole video!
How to Tune Your Horn (06/02/2020)
Full video of my discussion of tuning compensating and non-compensating 3-valve and 4-valve euphoniums and tubas
Ramsoe Quartet (euph/tuba), THIRD movement. (05/29/2020)
The U.S. Coast Guard quartet at the Armed Forces School of Music.
Ramsoe Quartet (euph/tuba), 1st movement. (05/27/2020)
The U.S. Coast Guard quartet at the Armed Forces School of Music.
I'm Flying (05/26/2020)
The full video consists of a suite of two songs from movies. The arrangements are independent, connected by my pianist Sara Brunk with a bass riff and accelerando. "Can You Read My Mind" is the so-called "flying sequence" from the 1978 movie Superman. It is followed by a bright song from the 1951 movie Peter Pan, "I'm Flying"
Stars & Stripes Forever (05/25/2020)
Atlantic Euphonium-Tuba Quartet (all from the Coast Guard Band) playing America's official march, the Stars and Stripes Forever. You'll hear me on the piccolo part in the last verse.
Holst: Song without Words (05/23/2020)
Part of my 2-song collection from Holst's 2nd Suite. Click here to get the sheet music.Click here to get the sheet music.
Alone Together (05/22/2020)
A pretty ballad (euphonium solo with recorded jazz combo) that has a good title for today's world.
Euphonium Solo, Tico Tico arr. by Oystein Baadvsik (05/18/2020)
Euphonium soloist David Werden and pianist Sara Brunk performing "Tico Tico."
Fantasy by Sparke - Excerpts (05/17/2020)
My performance at Midwest of Philip Sparke's Fantasy for Euphonium. With the Coast Guard Band's Brass section.
Handel - Air & Variations - Church Prelude (05/13/2020)
This is one of my favorite solos. It's just nice music and pleasant to hear and to play.
For the Mountains Shall Depart - Euphonium Solo by David Werden (05/12/2020)
This was an offering for our church service on Sept. 1, 2019. The simple, lovely piece is from Mendelssohn's "Elijah" and is my own arrangement.
Euphonium Solo: I Know Why (and So Do You) - with Piano (05/10/2020)
"I Know Why and So Do You" - which I first heard in the movie biography of Glenn Miller. It's a little bit of a challenge for typical euphonium style because it needs a combination of gentle swing and fairly straight ballad interpretation
How To Play the Arban Carnival of Venice page 1 (05/09/2020)
This video focuses on the 16th-note passage that comes right after the main theme (but the verse and theme are lightly discussed first).
Times Square (1944) from On the Town - USCG Band in England (05/08/2020)
In 1994 The United Coast Guard Band went to England to play in some 50th anniversary ceremonies of the D-Day invasion. We also performed in a formal concert in Poole, England. This piece is from that concert.
My One and Only Love - euphonium and recorded jazz combo (05/07/2020)
A beautiful love song, which is from a collection of ballads George Roberts sent me in the 1990's.
If I Only Had a Brain (euphonium and piano) (05/05/2020)
The song sung by the scarecrow in "The Wizard of Oz". A fun little diversion for euphonium and piano.
How to Practice Anchors Aweigh March ( (05/04/2020)
This is a great march for euphoniums (even if we never get to play the main melody!). There is a link in the YouTube description where you can download the treble and bass clef parts to practice (free).
Aria-Duet (Bach/Werden) with Oystein Baadsvik (05/03/2020)
I wrote this for two euphoniums or two trumpets, but Oystein can easily handle a euphonium part!
"I'm Getting Sentimental Over You" (04/30/2020)
The popular signature song for big-band trombonist Tommy Dorsey. Here I'm demonstrating a different side of euphonium playing, while trying to honor Dorsey's style.
The Warrior (04/29/2020)
This is a 1983 performance I did on a mini-recital tour. I had the honor of playing with Jim Curnow conducting the University of Illinois Brass Band. We did "The Warrior" by the great Philip Catelinet.
How to Use Vibrato for Better Phrasing (04/20/2020)
Here some tips and examples for using vibrato more effectively, so that it enhances the music and energizes your interpretation.
Mouthpiece Comparison: Wick 4AL vs. Bach 6-1/2AL (07/05/0020)
This is an easy way to hear the differences between 2 mouthpieces. The 2 mouthpieces are played back-to-back in 3 sets of excertps.