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This section offers videos of tuba players. Some the world's best players can be found below, including Patrick Sheridan, Alessandro Fossi, Jeff Funderburk, Oystein Baadsvik, Gene Pokorny, James Gourlay, Roland Szentpali, Thomas Leleu, Arnold Jacobs, John Fletcher, Mike Roylance, SymbiosisDuo and others.

There are 311 videos in this section. The five newest entries are:

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Aaron Tindall Sonata, Mvt. 1, by Hindemith
  Vaughan Williams Concerto, Mvt 1
  Vaughan Williams Concerto, Mvt 2
Adam Crowe Concerto {Gregson}, Mvt 1
  Concerto {Gregson}, Mvt 2
  Concerto {Gregson}, Mvt 3
Alan Baer Tour Tubas Demonstration
Albert Honsberger Celestial Morn, by Leslie Condon
Albert Savino Khattar Obra: Concertino para Tuba e Orquestra de Cordas
Ales Mlakar Tuba Concerto {Gregson}
Alessandro Fossi Alleluja , W.A Mozart
  Antifona: Omnes Gentes by G.A.Fioroni
  Apres un Reve {Faure}
  Badinerie {Bach}
  Boheme: Aria di Musetta: Quando men vo
  Concerto for Tuba and Strings, Mvt 1 {Plau}
  Concerto for Tuba and Strings, Mvt 2 {Plau}
  Concerto for Tuba and Strings, Mvt 3 {Plau}
  Czardas {Monti}
  Elisir d'amore, G.Donizetti
  Giancarlo Aquilanti: Tango
  Marcello, Sonata N.3
  Once Upon a Time in the West
  Salut d' Amour
  Tribute to Walter Sear
  Varations on a theme from Norma
  Vocalise {Rachmaninoff}
Alexander Lapins Invierno Porteno by Piazzolla
Alexander von Puttkamer Das Rheingold - Master Class
  Ride of the Valkyries - Master Class
AndrAs Dajka Concerto, by Vivaldi
Andreas Martin Hofmeir Unknown - with Orchestra
Antonio Coschina Roumanian Rhapsody 2
Arkady Shilkloper Alphorn Solo
Army Band Tuba-Euphonium Quartet Tuba-Euphonium Quartet Concert
Army Field Band Tuba-Euphonium Sections Special Video
Army Tuba Conference Massed Tubas Them Basses [2nd Part of Video]
Arnold Jacobs Breathing Exercises
  Imagination and Meaning in Music
  Performance Anxiety
  The Performer
Atlantic Tuba Quartet Air from Suite No. 3 - Bach/Werden
Barney Mallon Asleep in the Deep
Beth McDonald Concerto, Mvt 1, by Vaughan Willams
Bill Wilcox Old Grumbly Bear
Buddy Hayes Piccolo and Tuba Polka
  When Yuba Plays The Tuba Down In Cuba
Buddy Hays And It Comes Out Here
  Tiger Rag
Carl Jakobsson Der Vogelfänger bin ich ja {Mozart}
Carol Jantsch Frosty the Snowman - Variations
  Interview by Sarah Willis
Charles Daellenbach Tuba Tiger Rag
Chester Schmitz Tubby the Tuba
Chris Dunn Fnugg, by Baadsvik
Chris Vivio Solo at Army Conference
Chuck Daellenbach Flight of the Bumblebee
  Tribute to the Ballet
Craig Knox Interview
Daniel Raris Concert, Mvt 3, by Gregson
Dave Bargeron And When I Die
  Donna Lee
  Lewinsky March
Dave Gannett Rose of San Anton
  Yakkity Tuba
David Bandman, jazz euphonium Kent Eshelman
David Guerrier [Ophyclide] Airs variés for ophycléide and piano, by Hyacinthe
Douglas Yeo and Others Ophicleide Summit in Berlin
Edritch Siebert Bombastic Bombardon
Eli Newberger Poor Butterfly
  You're Not the Only Oyster in the Stew
Exit Brass Infernal Fantasy
Floyd Cooley Jabba the Hutt
François Thuillier Duo Impair
  Jive for Breizh
Gabriel Sears Gregson Tuba Concerto, 1st Mvt
Gail Williams [Arnold Jacobs] Learning from Arnold Jacobs
Gary Bird Largo al Factorum, by Rossini
Gary Buttery Tom's Tuba and the Bear
  Tuba and Drums by Peter Jarvis
Gary Poffenbarger Nessun Dorma
Gene Pokorny Ashokan Farewell, by Jay Ungar
  Blue Bells of Scotland
  Buglers Holiday [Tubalers Holiday]
  Capriccio for Tuba and Marimba
  Dueling Tubas
  Interview by Michael David, part 1
  Interview by Michael David, part 2
  Interview by Michael David, part 3
  Stars & Stripes Forever
  Vaughan Williams Concerto - Discussion
Gideon Behind the Scenes of Gideon: Tuba Warrior
Gretchen Renshaw Turbulence, by Bruce Broughton
Harold Loeffelmacher Clarinet Polka
Harry Critchley Tubby the Tuba
Harry Cunningham Nellie the Elephant
Harvey Phillips Hartley, Double Concerto for Alto Sax and Tuba
  Interview on CBS Sunday Morning
  The Carioca
  When Yuba Plays the Rumba on His Tuba
Heavy Tuba Here Comes The Night
Heavy Tuba [jazz] Count Phenomium
Hendrik Jan Renes Bastasia
  Bastasia, by Steven Verhelst
  Concerto, by Vaughan-Williams
Howard Johnson Interview
  Russia Tour 2008
Inagakuen Wind Orchestra Tiptoe Through the Tulips
Indiana University Tuba-Euphonium Octet Shostakovich Symphony No. 10, Mvt 2
International Euphonium-Tuba Conf. Career Roundtable Discussion
Isaac Rodríguez Cotrofe Parable XXII for Solo Tuba, by Persichetti
Jacques Weber Tuba Polka
James Gourlay Bigbrassfest 2007
  Concerto by Bruce Fraser
  Czardas, by Monti - unaccompanied
  Gregson Concerto, Complete
  Gregson Concerto, Mvt 1
  James Gourlay and Steven Mead - Londonderry Air
  Vaughan Williams Tuba Concerto, 1st Mvt
  Vaughan Williams Tuba Concerto, 2nd Mvt
Jeff Funderburk Broughton Sonata, Mvt 1
  Broughton Sonata, Mvt 2
  Broughton Sonata, Mvt 3
  Tuba Repair #1 Basic Repair Tools
  Tuba Repair #10 Bumper Replacement
  Tuba Repair #11 Valve Tolerances
  Tuba Repair #12 Rotary Valve Removal
  Tuba Repair #13 Rotary Valve Cleaning
  Tuba Repair #14 Rotary Valve Reassembly
  Tuba Repair #2 Rotary Valve Parts
  Tuba Repair #3 Rotary Valve Linkages
  Tuba Repair #4 Rotary Valve Lubrication
  Tuba Repair #5 Slide Lubrication
  Tuba Repair #6 Caring for the Finish
  Tuba Repair #7 Stuck Slides
  Tuba Repair #8 Sluggish Rotary Valves
  Tuba Repair #9 Noisy Valves
Jerry Young and David Werden Bless This House - Euphonium/Tuba Duet
Joanna Ross Hersey Elmira the Elephant
Joe Murphy Lousiana
John Cleverson Zavatto Beelzebub
John Fletcher Czardas
  Fantasy for Tuba, by Malolm Arnold
  Flight of the Bumble Bee
  Menuetto and Courante by Bach
  Two Movements
John Zouganelis Badinerie [Bach]
  Caprice 24 by Paganini
Jonathan Rowsell and Scott Gross Tuba Tandem, Duet by Robert Redhead
Jose Miguel World of Dreams, Duet for Euph/Tuba + Band
Joseph Cook Largo al Factotum
Joseph Skillen Broughton Tuba Concerto, mvt 1
  Broughton Tuba Concerto, mvt 2
  Broughton Tuba Concerto, mvt 3
Kenneth Amis Interview
  Rondo alla turca, by Mozart
Kenneth Amis - Empire Brass Ain't Misbehavin'
Kent Eshelman, jazz tuba Jazz Tuba and Euphonium Concert
  With a Wink and a Smile
Kevin Wass La Virgin de la Macarena - Tuba Solo
  Unterkagner Landler for Violin and Tuba
Kransky Sisters Pretty Woman
  Sound Of Silence
  Stayin' Alive
  You're So Vain
Les Neish Csardas, by Monti
Les Neish and David Childs The Prayer - Duet
Les Tubadours Il Cappello di Paglia di Firenze
  Old Legend
  The Sass Philosophy
Luiz R Serralheiro Yorkshire Ballade
Marcos dos Anjos Júnior Strauss-Horn Concerto No. 1, Mvt 1 & 2
  Strauss-Horn Concerto No. 1, Mvt 3
Marine Band Tuba-Euphonium Quartet Tuba-Euphonium Quartet Concert
Marty Erickson Figaro
Marty Erickson and Oystein Baadsvik Ouwertüre / Rossini / arr. Forbes
Matt Tropman Bach Flute Sonata
Matteson-Phillips TubaJazz Consort Waltzing Matilda
Mattis Cederberg [Cimbasso] Donna Lee
Mattis Cederberg {Cimbasso} I Cover the Waterfront
Maxim Makushev Suite for Tuba and Orchestra, by Don Haddad
McLean Bible Church Quartet Leaning on the Everlasting Arms
Melton Tuba Quartet Grand Concerto 4 Tubas
  William Tell Overture
Michel Godard Live in Berlin - Jazz Festival
Midwinter Tuba Quintet Radio Fund Raising - Prairie Home Companion
  Tuba Blues - Prairie Home Companion
Mike Forbes Capriccio for solo tuba and brass ensemble
  Capriccio, by Forbes
  Rhubarb Rag - Prairie Home Companion Rehearsal
Mike Roylance Tuba Concerto by Gunther Schuller, World Premier
  Tubby the Tuba Part 1
  Tubby the Tuba Part 2
  Tubby the Tuba Part 3
  When You Wish Upon a Star
Mike Roylance and Eli Newberger Reverberations for 2 Tubas and Strings
Milan Bauman Bassman
Miraphone Tuba Quartet Czardas {Monti}
N. BUTENKO A. Gilev "Chastushka for tuba and orchestra"
Nat McIntosh Warrior Comes Out to Play
Oren Marshall Bach - Badinerie
Oystein Baadsvik Adios Nonino
  Carnival of Venice
  Encounters II {Kraft}
  Fnugg - how it all started
  Fnugg Blue, the original
  Gabriel's oboe
  Gabriel's Oboe {with orchestra}
  Milonga del Angel
  New Kid, by Anna Baadsvik
  Tuba Articulation Demo
  Tuba Concerto, Mvt 1, by Plau
  Tuba Concerto, Mvt 2, by Plau
  Tuba Concerto, Mvt 3, by Plau
  Vaughan Williams 1
  Winter from the Four Seasons, by Vivaldi
Oystein Baadsvik and Dave Werden Aria-Duet from Cantata 78
Oystein Baadsvik and Tony Zilincik Mozart Sonata Duet
Pat Herak Bass in the Ballroom
Patricio Consentino Tuba and Euphonium Duet
Patricio Cosentino Bastasia de Steven Verhelst
  Tuba Tapestry
Patrick Harrild LSO Master Class on Tuba
  Master Class
Patrick Sheridan Dueling Banjos
  Encore - Live
  Fisher's Hornpipe
  Flight of the Bumble Bee
  Hard Times Come Again No More
  Hot Canary
  Inion Ni Scannlain
  Straight of Hormuz
  Tuba Clinic, Part 1
  Tuba Clinic, Part 2
  Tuba Clinic, Part 3
  Tuba Clinic, Part 4
  Tuba Clinic, Part 5
  Tuba Clinic, Part 6
  Tuba Clinic, Part 7
  Tuba Clinic, Part 8
  Variations on a Tyrolienne
Patrick Sheriden and Sam Pilafian Tiger Rag, Improv
Paul Borg Gregson Tuba Concerto excerpt
Petr Smolar Bassman
Petri Keskitalo Hot 'Lanta
Rex Martin Unknown from Recital
Richard Maloof And It Comes Out Here
Roger Bobo Carnival of Venice
  Romanian Dance No. 2
Roland Krem R.V.Williams: Concerto for Tuba Mvt I
Roland Szentpali Carmen Fantasy
  Concertino for Tuba and Orchestra
  Flight of the Bumblebee
  Meet the Beat
  Sick Hammond
  Very Good Morning
Roland Szentpali and Will Druiett Telemann Duet in Canon
Ross Morgan Tuba Death Scene
Russell Kennedy Teddy Bears Picnic
Sam Pilafian Bass-Petite Fleur
  Black and Blue
  Sweet Georgia Brown
Sam Pilafian and Pat Sheridan Bill Bailey {Impromptu}
  Tiger Rag
Sergio Carolino cONCERTO fOR tUBA, Op. 139 by Jorge Salgueiro
Sergio Casas El dia que me quieras
Shaun Crowther Czardas [the Cuckoo and Czardas]
Simon Wildman Tuba Concerto, by John Williams
Stefan de Groot Chameleon, by Maurice Hamers
Stefan Kuhndorf Bass in the Ballroom
Steve Sykes Csardas
  Czardas [Awards Presentation]
  Lucerne Song
SymbiosisDuo Double Concerto, by James Grant
  Elegy by Jules Massenet
  I Got Your Bach
  Three Florida Orchids
  Various Titles
The Tuba The Tuba - How It's Made
Thomas Leleu Creation de Convergences {Mvt. 1}
  Creation de Convergences {Mvt. 2}
  Creation de Convergences {Mvt. 3}
  Vaughan Williams Concerto, Mvt 1
  Vaughan Williams Concerto, Mvt 2
  Vaughan Williams Concerto, Mvt 3
Tim Buzbee Six Pack for Solo Tuba Mvts. 1-3
  Six Pack for Solo Tuba Mvts. 4-6
Tom Jankowski Amazing Grace
Tom Wilson Tonight Show Stand-Up
Tommy van Peij Bariton Sepp
Tubaland Vino Griego
TubamanShow Tuba Locomotive
Ultrasound Tuba Quartet Air from Suite No. 3 {Bach}
  William Tell
Vít Muller Concerto for Tuba by Vaughan Williams
West Point Tuba Quartet Tuba-Euphonium Concert
Wilfried Brandstotter Theme and Variations, with Distractions
  Tuba Polka
Will Druiett Concerto, Mvt 1, by Vaughan-Williams
  Roger Bobo Masterclass, playing Telemann Concerto
  Tuba Concerto, Mvt 1, by Arutunian

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