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Many videos for brass ensemble, euphonium, and tuba are available on the Internet. This page has some very nice euphonium performances from virtuoso players including David Werden, Steven Mead, David Childs, David Thornton, Brian Bowman, Aaron VanderWeele, Lyndon Baglin, Adam Frey, Demondrae Thurman, Charley Brighton, Glenn van Looy, David Bandman, jazz euphonium and others. There are also baritone horn solos to help demonstrate what a real British baritone sounds (and looks) like.

Nicholas Childs - Pantomime by Sparke

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Category: Euphonium
Artist: Nicholas Childs
Title: Pantomime by Sparke

Nicholas Childs playing Phillip Spark's Pantomime with the Tredegar Town band. One of the nicest euphonium tones I've ever heard.

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Aaron VanderWeele A Troika? How Tidy!, by Jenkins
  Air 'N Variations by Stephen Bulla
  Arban Double-tongue Exercises - Demostration
  Auld Lang Syne Variations, by Mantia
  Brillante by Peter Graham
  Carmen Fantasy, by Bizet/Vertommen
  Carnival of Venice by Clarke
  Cossack Fire Dance
  Folksong, by Broughton
  GENESIS, by Jameson
  Glorious Liberation, by Bosanko
  Harlequin, by Philip Sparke
  Home on the Range by Erik Leidzen
  Hora Staccato
  Lament from Stabat Mater, by Jenkins
  Light in Heaven's Window
  Londonderry Air, arr. by Eric Ball
  My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose
  Napoli, by Bellstedt
  Nessun Dorma
  Rhapsody by Curnow
  Romanza, by Jenkins
  When You Wish Upon a Star
  You Raise Me Up
Aaron VanderWeele and Travis Anderson Timepiece
Aaron VanderWeele, Charles B. Howard Timepiece, by Bearcroft
Aaron VenderWeele Bravura [with N.Y. Staff Band]
Abe Ryunosuke My Old Kentucky Home {Variations}
  Roland Szentpali: Pearls - Mvt 3: Suzie
Adam Frey A Tent Revival by Bruce Broughton
  Andante and Allegro, by Ropartz
  Benediction by John Stevens
  Carnival of Venice, by Staigers
  Concerto Iberico Mvt III: Fire {Tim Jansa}
  Concierto Iberico
  Concierto Iberico - I. Courage
  Concierto Iberico - II. Faith
  Concierto Iberico - III. Fire
  Flight of the Bumblebee, with Band
  Glorious Liberation - "Heart in Heart"
  Pearls 2: Nissan 300ZX {Szentpali}
  Rule Britannia
  Sonata No. 6 by G.F. Handel
  Yellow Rose of Texas, Variations
Adam Frey and Brian Bowman Flower Duet, by Delibes
Adrian Albaladejo Diaz Fantasy by J. N. Hummel
Adrian Horwood How far is it to Bethlehem
  Travelling Along
  Travelling Along
Adrian Nurney Carnival of Venice
Al Torres Napoli
Alessandro Cicchirillo Dulcamarata
Alex Avila Melody Shop {band with feature}
Alex Sandro de Oliveira Carnival of Venice
Algirdas Matonis Concerto, Mvt. 3, by Andy Scott
Allen Rutgers Napoli Variations
Allied Forces Band Napoli - Euphonium Solo
Amy Schumaker Bliss Concerto, by McKimm, Mvt 1
Andrae Murchison [jazz] Walk with Me
Andrew Ingleby Grandfather's Clock
Anglia Fellowship Euphonium Trio Lullaby
Anteun Hoesen Holy, Holy, Holy, arr. Sparke
Anthony Caillet Cafe 1930, by Piazzolla
  FAURE - Papillon
  La cage de cristal, by Ibert
Anthony Caillet [jazz] iLo Trio
Anthony Smith Hot Canary, by Nero/Childs
Army Field Band Tuba-Euphonium Sections Special Video
Army Tuba Conference Massed Euphs Melody Shop March
Arnaud Tutin Kosmicki Concerto, mvt 1
  Kosmicki Concerto, mvt 2
  Kosmicki Concerto, mvt 3
Atlantic Tuba Quartet Air from Suite No. 3 - Bach/Werden
Aurelio Belli and Jesmond Azzopardi Csardas
Barry Morrison A Better World
Barry Perrins Facilita, by Hartmann
Bastien Baumet Concerto For Euphonium 2nd.mvt., Andantino
  Concerto For Euphonium 3rd.mvt., Finale:Giocoso
  Concerto, Mvt 1 [Cosma] - June 2011
  Concerto, Mvt 2 [Cosma] - June 2011
  Concerto, Mvt 2 [Cosma] - May 2010
  Concerto, Mvt 3 [Cosma] - June 2011
  Concerto, Mvt 3 [Cosma] - May 2010
  Harlequin, by Sparke
  Portrait of Paris, Making of
  Rondo alla Turca
  Zeibekikos Euphonium Concerto, by Wilby
Bastien Baumet and Nuno Carvalho Two Part Invention, by Sparke
Benjamin Pierce Allen Vizzutti- Nine Black Riders
  Moto Perpetuo by Christoskov
  Vladigerov- Chant Bulgare
Bernard McKinney [jazz] Marie Antoinette
Berthold Schick Unknown
Bill Reichenbach {Jazz} Cherokee
Blaskapelle Gloria Grandfathers Clock {Dance Band Version}
Boonyarit Kittaweepitak Ellerby Euphonium Concerto mov. 1
Brad Felt {Jazz} I Want to Talk About You
  P.J. Lids
  Sometime In The Fall
  You're History
Bradley Barnes Myfanwy
Brass Band Musikverein Reitnau Endearing Young Charms - Duet
Brian Borovsky Fantasy on La Donna e Mobile
Brian Borovsky and Glen Newton Endearing Young Charms Duet, by Mantia/Werden
Brian Bowman Bach Cello Suite 3
  Bach Cello Suites
  Ballad for Evening, by Morrisey
  Bless This House
  Breathing - from Master Class at IET 2013
  Carnival of Venice
  Carnival of Venice [Clarke]
  Carnival of Venice [Clarke]
  Carnival of Venice, by Clarke
  Concerto by Alec Wilder
  Danny Boy
  Fantasia di Concerto
  Fantasia di Concerto by Eduardo Boccalari
  Flower Song from Carmen
  Grace Notes Demonstration
  If With All Your Heart
  Love Letter, Postmark San Jose
  March from Aida - Demonstration
  Master Class part 1
  Master Class part 2
  Master Class part 3
  Original Fantasie {Workshop} - Part 1
  Original Fantasie {Workshop} - Part 2
  Original Fantasie {Workshop} - Part 3
  Riding the Waves
  Scherzo, by Goldman
Brian C. Wilson Adams Euphonium Demo, with Miel Adams
  Dahlstrom Rag
Brian Rowland In Christ Alone
Buckovanka Cesta na moravu
Buzz Newton Dance: Zeibekikos by Wilby, from Euph Concerto
  Neath the Dublin Skies
Byron Newton Concerto by Cosma, Movement 3
  Concerto by Wilby, Movement 2
  Concerto by Wilby, Movement 3 and 4
  Concerto by Wilby, Part 1
Carl Berdahl Oblivion, by Astor Piazzolla
Carl Lenthe Fantaisie Concertante by Casterede
Cédric ROSSERO and Bastien BAUMET Two part invention - Philip Sparke
Cell Block Seven {Jazz} Apex Blues
  Buglers' Holiday
  Little Enough
  Mood Indigo
  Storyville Blues
  Strange Blues
Charley Brighton A London Nightscape by Joe Miserendino
  Air no.12 by Kenneth D. Friedrich
  Be Well
  Christmas Sonnet by Ken Friedrich
  Dancing Night Wind by David Benning
  Elfentanz-Dance of the Fairies, by Ezra Jenkinson
  In Memoriam, by Yvonne Anthony
  Lyrical Melody by Dave Collins
  Maestoso Spiritoso by Terry Treherne
  Poemes Hongroise
  Rondo Divertimento by Joe Miserendino
  Suite Antique by John Rutter
Chris Dickey Concerto, by Glorieux, Part 2
Chris Kellens [jazz] Softly As In a Morning Sunrise
Chris Leslie Cosma Concerto, Mvt. 3
  Someone to Watch Over Me
Chris McGinty Harlequin by Philip Sparke
Chris Straker A Troika? Tidy!
  Rule Britannia
Christian Riesebieter Song of the Brother
Christopher Sarangoulis, Lauren Veronie Melody Shop - Special Feature with Reprise
Clifford Bevan Blue Bells of Scotland, double-bell demo
Concert Piece No. 1 by Joseph Turrin Jubilance
Corentin Morvan Sonata for Basson, mvt 3, by Schreck
Craig Britton I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked
  Lamb of God
  Old Rugged Cross
Daniel Helseth Mazurka by Nicholas D. Falcone
Daniel Thomas, Boonyarit Kittaweepitak Another Fine Mess - Laurel and Hardy Duet
Dave Werden Song Without Words, by Holst
David Bandman Matiz, by Mendez
  Mendez - Tribute
  Pesadillas Y Suenos, by Mendez
David Bandman [jazz] Mendez
David Bandman, jazz euphonium Battle Hymn of the Republic
  Blues Bells of Scotlane
  Bride of the Waves [jazz version!]
  Holst Second Suite - March [jazz style]
  Hummel Trumpet Concerto with Big Band
  Jazz Tuba and Euphonium Concert
  Minor Yours
  Send It On
  The Debutante
  Wink and a Smile
  With a Wink and a Smile
David Childs A Little Prayer
  Brillante - Graham
  Brillante, plus Carrickfergus
  Brilliante by Peter Graham
  Carnival of Venice
  Carnival of Venice
  Carnival of Venice {Paganini}
  Celtic Charm
  Concerto, by Horovitz
  Concerto, by Jenkins, Mvt. 2 - Romanza
  Concerto, by Jenkins, Mvt. 3 - It Takes Two
  Concerto, by Jenkins, Mvt. 4 - A Troika? Tidy!
  Concerto, Last Mvt., by Karl Jenkins
  Concerto, Mvt 2
  Concerto, Mvt 3
  Csardas, by Monti
  Due Tramonti
  Endearing Young Charms
  Endearing Young Charms, by Mantia
  Endearing Young Charms, IEI 2013
  Euphonium Concerto by Jenkins, mvt 1
  Flight of the Bumblebee
  Flight of the Bumblebee {with piano}
  Gabriel's Oboe {with orchestra}
  Harlequin by Philip Sparke
  Hot Canaery
  Hot Canary
  Hot Canary, with Desford in Japan
  IBBSS {Trio}
  Jenkins Concerto, Mvt 4 {A Troika? Tidy!}
  Lament from Stabat Mater
  Lament, by Jenkins
  Master Class in Brass
  Master Class, with Fernando Deddos Translating
  Myfanwy {with piano}
  Napoli, by Belstedt
  Over the Stone
  Quartet: Hymn from Adiemus Songs of Sanctuary
  Quartet: Palladio by Karl Jenkins
  Salut d' Amour
  Sparta, by Meechan
  Stanford's Caoine, by Villiers
  Sunne Rising - The King Will Ride
  The Hot Canary
  The Swan
  Three Songs from NABBA Concert 2014
  Two Pieces from a Live Recital
  Vallflickans dans AND Hummel Fantasy
  York Workshop
David Childs and Adam Frey Brillante, by Graham
  Telemann Duet
David Childs and Les Neish The Prayer - Duet
David Daws Better World
  Czardas, by Monti
  Song of the Brother
David Thornton Auld Lang Syne
  Auld Lang Syne
  Carnival Cocktail, by Sykes
  Czardas, with Brighouse and Rastrick Band
  Euphonium Concerto, by Wilby - part 1
  Euphonium Concerto, by Wilby - part 2
  Floating Dreams by Peter Meechan
  Grandfathers Clock
  Horovitz Concerto, Mvt 1
  Horovitz Concerto, Mvt 2
  Horovitz Concerto, Mvt 3
  Horovitz Concerto, mvt. 1
  Horovitz Concerto, mvt. 2
  Horovitz Concerto, mvt. 3
  In Christ Alone
  In Christ Alone
  Jet A - world premier
  Lament, by Karl Jenkins
  Master Class at JMU
  Neath The Dublin Skies
  Nightwalker, by Turnbull
  Origins, by Meechan, Mvt 1
  Solitary Prayer, by Marco Putz
  Symphonic Rhapsody by Gregson
  The Great Race by Peter Graham
  These Mist Covered Mountains, by Meechan
  Three Stories, Three Worlds, by Meechan
  Tin Roof Blues
David Thornton and Adam Frey Two Part Invention, by Sparke
David Werden 5th Movement of Five Pieces in Folk Style
  A Second Chance, from Two for the Seesaw [movie]
  Air and Variations by Handel / Fitzgerald
  Alone Yet Not Alone, by Bruce Broughton
  An Die Musik - Double-Bell Euphonium Demonstration
  An Die Musik by Schubert
  An die Musik by Schubert, on baritone horn
  Arpeggione Sonata, Mvt 1
  Arpeggione Sonata, Mvt 2
  Arpeggione Sonata, Mvt 3
  Ave Maria
  Ave Maria by Astor Piazzolla
  Beauty and the Beast
  Beethoven Sonata - Euphonium and Piano
  Bist Du Bei Mir - Euphonium and Organ
  Bride of the Waves by Herbert L. Clarke
  Bydlo from Pictures at an Exhibitioin
  Bydlo from Pictures at an Exhibition - Dave Werden
  Capriccio di Niccolo
  Capriccio di Niccolo by Frank Proto
  Capuzzi Concerto, Mvt 1 - Allegro Moderato
  Capuzzi Concerto, Mvt 2 - Andante
  Capuzzi Concerto, Mvt 3 - Rondo
  Capuzzi's Allegro Moderato
  Carnival of Venice - Double-Bell Euphonium
  Chiapanecas - performed on baritone horn
  Chiapanecas, by Mendez
  Come to the Fair
  Concert Etude by Goedicke, on baritone horn
  Concerto for Flicorno Basso by Ponchielli
  Concerto for Trumpet by Hummel, Mvt 3
  Danny Boy
  Discussion: Adams Custom Euphonium
  Discussion: QHR Euphonium Hand-Strap
  Fantasy for Euphonium - Sparke
  Feed the Birds
  Five Pieces in Folk Style, No. 4 {Schumann/Droste}
  For the Mountains Shall Depart
  Grand Russian Fantasia by Levy
  Halsey-Stevens Sonatina, Mvt 3
  Holy Holy Holy, arr. by Philip Sparke
  Hungarian Melodies - Live Recital, with Piano
  Hungarian Melodies, by Vincent Bach
  I Got Plenty O' Nothin' from Porgy and Bess
  I'll Be Seeing You
  La Belle Americaine
  Last Rose of Summer
  Last Rose of Summer, Variations
  Lonely Goatherd - Double-Bell Euphonium
  Love Lifted My, arr. Bulla
  March from Holst 2nd Suite - Euphonium and Piano
  Mendez Jota
  Mephisto Masque
  Morceau Symphonique
  Morning Song
  Morning Song by Kellaway
  Neapolitan Dance
  Neapolitan Dance - Double-Bell Euphonium
  Nymphalin, Romance - by Sousa/Werden
  Old Man River
  On Wings of Song - Mendelssohn/Werden
  Papa Can You Hear Me?
  Phil the Fluter's Ball
  Prince Igor's Aria
  Romance in f minor, by Tchaikovsky
  Romance No. 2, by Schumann/Werden
  Rondo for Trumpet by Claude T. Smith
  Russian Dances
  Serenade from The Student Prince
  Serenade, by Schubert
  Sonata for Euphonium by Thom Ritter George
  Sonatina, Mvt 1, by Halsey Stevens
  Sonatina, Mvt 2, by Halsey Stevens
  Spinning Song by Mendelssohn
  Tico Tico
  Till There Was You, from the Music Man
  Twas a Very Happy Day
  Two Holst Songs from Suite No. 2
  Variations on Judas Maccabeus, Beethoven
  Variations, by Jerry Owen
  Waitin' for the Light to Shine
  When I Look In Your Eyes
  You Raise Me Up
David Werden [baritone horn] Neapolitan Dance - baritone horn
David Werden and Danny Vinson Bach Aria-Duet from Cantata 78
  Endearing Young Charms - Duet
David Werden and Jerry Young Bless This House - Duet
David Werden and Oystein Baadsvik Aria-Duet from Cantata 78
David Werden and Tim Morris Ave Maria, Euphonium Duet
  Flower Duet from Lakme, by Delibes
  Liebesfreud Duet, by Kreisler/Werden
  Pearl Fishers Duet, by Bizet/Gallion
  Telemann Duet in Canon
Demondrae Thurman Endearing Young Charms
  Fantasy for Euphonium and Orchestra by Doug Bristo
  Heritage Concerto, by Anthony Barfield
  IUP Recital, Part 1 of 3
  IUP Recital, Part 2 of 3
  IUP Recital, Part 3 of 3
  Rhapsody for Euphonium, by Brubaker
  Saint-Saens Cello Concerto
  Slavische Fantasy
  Slavishe Fantasie
  Sparke Pantomime [unaccompanied]
  Stars and Stripes
  Talking About His Art
  The Lord's Prayer
Derek Kane Air N Variations
Derick Kane Bravura
  Jesus I Come To Thee
  My Love Is Like a Red Red Rose
  Song of Love by Kriesler
  Star Lake Pep Song
  Travelling Along
  You Raise Me Up
Derick Kane & Jonathan Evens Timepiece
Derick Kane and Stephen Kane Duet, with Brass Band
Dick Nash {Jazz} Heaven Can Wait - Theme
Dirk Amrein Mozart Horn Concerto No.3 - Part1
Douglas Ruby Concerto - Joseph Horovitz
Douglas Yeo Das treue deutsche Herz
Eddie Elsey Dreams and Visions
  Suite for Baritone Horn - Don Haddad
Ensemble, Adam Frey Conducting Come Thou Fount Every Blessing
Eran Levi Moto Perpetuo by Paganini
Erik van Ooijen Carrickfergus
Euphonium Company H. Berlioz - Akihiko Ito / Le Carnaval romain
  Ouverture di "Il barbiere di Siviglia"
Euphonium Quartet, Tokyo Euphonium Four by Toshinori Terukina
Euphony Quartet TEDxCardiff 2012
Fan Qing Peace, by John Golland
Fernando Deddos Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5, by Villa-Lobos
  Cafe 1930 - Historia do Tango
  Frevo do Besouro
  Frevo do Besouro
  Invention No. 3 by Bach
Fletcher Mitchell Frantique, by Wayne Preusker
Florian Unkauf and Roman Steiger Zwei Supermanner
Francis H. Laws Rhapsody for Euphonium and Band
Frank Rosolino [jazz euphonium] I Thought About You
Frans-Aert Burghgraef Fantasy - Hummel
Franz Stocker Fantasy, by Sparke
  Half a Minute
Gail Robertson Eulogy, from Concerto for Euphonium by Downie
  My Mountain Top
Gail Robertson [jazz] How High the Moon
Gary Curtin Bravura
  Carnival of Venus
  Macushla by Dermot Macmurrough
  Peace, by John Golland
  Vallflickans Dans by Hugo Alfen
Gerd Wensink Caligula, by Alfred Willering
  Pearls 2, part 1
  Pearls 2, part 2
  Pearls 2, part 3
  Varied Mood by Ray Woodfield
Gilles Rocha Concerto by David Gillingham
Giovanni Cascone Rhapsody for Euphonium by Curnow
Giulio Scacchi [baritone horn] Unknown
Giulio Scacchi, baritone horn La Donna e Mobile
  Nessun Dorma
Glenn Van Looy Aria by Bozza
  Concert Galop, by Philip Wilby
  Concerto per fliscornobasso
  Euphonium Fantasia, by Bulla
  Glen Gliding
  Glen Gliding
  Green Hill
  Hummel Fantasy
  Lip Flexibility Lesson
  Neath The Dublin Skies
  Symphonic Variants, by Curnow
  Warm-Up Exercises
Glyn Williams Carnival of Venice
  Four Little Pieces
  Grandfather's Clock
  Grandfather's Clock
  Medley / Various Instruments
  Oh Holy Night
  She's Leaving Home
Glynn Williams Song of the Brother
Grant Jameson Beau Soir
  Fantasia by Gordon Jacob
  Harlequin, by Philip Sparke
  Infant Holy
  Mozart Bassoon Concerto, Mvt 1
Gretchen Renshaw Cascades, by Vizzutti
  Concert Variations by Jan Bach
  Ellerby Euphonium Concerto, II. Capriccio
  Ellerby Euphonium Concerto, III. Rhapsody
  Ellerby Euphonium Concerto, IV. Diversions
  Football! The Great Moment
  Harlequin - Philip Sparke, Part 1 of 2
  Harlequin - Philip Sparke, Part 2 of 2
  Pearl Suite, III. Susi - Roland Szentpali
Hadley Haux and Eric Yttri Arrival of the Queen of Sheeba
Hannah The Swan
Harald Buchner Concerto No. 2 [Slow Movement] by Sparke
Harvey Phillips PBS Special
Heavy Tuba [jazz] Backup
  Count Phenomium
Helene Escriva [bass trumpet] La Folia, by M. Marais
Hidenori Arai Fantasiestücke
  Symphonic Variants by Curnow
Howard Miyata Get Out and Get Under the Moon
  High Society
Ian Craddock Fantasy, by Sparke
Ian Wright Rhapsody by Curnow
IEI 2008 Artists Buglers Holiday
IEI Euphonium Ensemble AnDances
Indiana University Tuba-Euphonium Octet Shostakovich Symphony No. 10, Mvt 2
International Euphonium Institute Ave Maria, by Biebl
International Euphonium-Tuba Conf. Career Roundtable Discussion
Interservice Euphonium Choir Short Meditation, by Plog
Irving Ray Concerto, mvt 1 - Philip Sparke
Jace Vickers Recital, University of Oklahoma
Jacob de Haan's 'Echo Fantasia' Echo Fantasia by Jacob de Haan
James Connolly Carrickfergus
James Hosmer Carnival of Venice - Baritone Bugle
James McLeod Romanza, by Jenkins [Concerto, mvt 2]
James Stretton Elegie by Rachnaninov
Jamie Lipton Pearls Mvt I: Ducati SPS 916 {Szentpali}
  Rhapsody for Euphonium, by Curnow
  Sonata in F Minor by Teleman
Jason Casanova Hoshina Fantasy
Jason Gilliam Pantomime by Philip Sparke
  Pilatus, by Goff Richards
Jason Ham and Quartet Hello
Jay Friedman Bydlo, from Pictures at an Exhibition
Jeff Binns Carnival of Venice by Arban
Jennifer Jester Concertino for Euphonium
Jim Ely Brilliante
Joaquin Diaz Concerto, by Cosma, Mvt 1
  Concerto, by Cosma, Mvt 2
  Concerto, by Cosma, Mvt 3
  Harlequin, by Philip Sparke
Joe Broom Concerto for Bassoon, Mvt 1, by Hummel
  Fantasia di Concerto, by Boccalari
  Fantasy, by Bruce Fraser
Joe Dollard Yesterdays [jazz]
John Caputo Harlequin by Philip Sparke
John Clough Blaydon Races
  Lament by Edmund Rubbra
John Clough and Ken Bonser-Ward Deliverance, Duet
John Story Concertino for Euphonium by Rockey
  Drinking Song from La Traviata
  Endearing Young Charms
  Horovitz Concerto Mvt 1
  Peace, by Golland
Jonathan Evans The Conqueror
Jonti Flight of the Bumble Bee
Jonti Smith and Gary Rose Softly As I Leave You - Duet
Jorijn van Hese Heer, verberg niet Uw gelaat
Josep Burguera Blue Lake Fantasy
Joseph Bello Pantomime
Josh Hamilton Pantomime by Sparke
Josh Walford Ransomed, by Marshall
Juanjo Munera Egyptian Feet
  Willson Suite, Mvt 1
  Willson Suite, Mvt 2 and 3
  World of Dreams, Duet for Euph/Tuba + Band
Jukka Myllys Hot 'Lanta
Julien Murschel Fantasy, by Hummel
Justin Chiang Barcarolle from Tales of Hoffman - Duet
Katrina Marzella {baritone horn} A Hebridean Lullaby
  Aria by Bozza
  Benedictus by Karl Jenkins
  My Mountain Top
  Red Flame by Peter Meechan
  Sun - Fraser
  The Swan
  The Swan
Katrina Marzella and David Wheeler Flight of the Bumble Bee
Kazushi Hiraide and Souta Kisuke Softly As I Leave You
Kelly Thomas Clinard Sonata, Mvt 1
  Clinard Sonata, Mvt 2
  Clinard Sonata, Mvt 3
Ken Bonser-Ward We'll All Shout Hallelujah
Ken C. Wood America
  Carnival of Venice [Clarke]
  Concert Polka
  Grandfathers Clock
  Original Fantasy by Picchi/Mantia
  Volunteer [rec. in 1985]
Kevin Thompson Song of the Brother
Kevin Van Giel Bassoon concerto, part one - W. A. Mozart
  Herlequin by Philip Sparke
Kim Holly Thorpe Gypsy Airs
Kobus Verheij Variations by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Koji Shirai [jazz] Sakura Sakura, Jazz Waltz
Kristy Rowe Healing Power of Flame [inc.]
Kristy Rowe {baritone horn} Czardas
  Peace, by John Golland
Kyohei Ando G.F.Handel - Concerto
Lance LaDuke The Swan
Lauren Veronie Midnight Euphonium by Goff Richard
Lechner Buam Bariton Baby
  Bariton Lechner
  Bariton Perlen
  Bariton Perlen
Les Tubadours Il Cappello di Paglia di Firenze
  Old Legend
  The Sass Philosophy
Lida Beasley Fantasy for Euphonium and Band, by Rule Beasley
Lyndon Baglin Allegro Spiritoso
  Arbans Tyrolean Song
  Caprice and Variations by Arban
  Caprice and Variations by Arban - Full Version
  Carnival of Venice by Arban
  Den Trekker
  Endearing Young Charms, Boddington version
  Facilita by Hartmann
  Jenny Jones, by Rimmer
  La Belle Americaine by Hartmann
  Long Long Ago
  Lucy Long
  Mill View
  Prelude, Theme and Variations by Rossini
  Rule Britannia by Hartmann, full version
  Rule Brittania
  The Cavalier
  The Swan
  Theme and Variations
lyndon Baglin / Trevor Groom Deep Inside the Sacred Temple - Duet
Marc Harry and Terry Sage Timepiece
Marcus Cutts To a Wild Rose, by McDowell
Mark Glover Devil's Tongue
  Fantasy by Hummel
  Paraphrase for Euphonium
  Variations on 'The Beer Barrel Polka'
  Varied Mood, by Woodfield
Martin Cochran Euphonium Concerto: Giocoso {Cosma}
  My Mountain Top {Andy Scott}
Martin Heinrich Begin the Beguin
  Largo aus Xerxes
Martin Wernsen Rhapsody for Euphonium
Martyn Patterson Brillante
  Brillante {indoor concert}
Massed Euphoniums and Band Melody Shop
Mathew HIll Hermaiden's Dance from Bergakungen
Matt Tropman Cascades, by Vizzutti
  Fantasie Concertante, by Jacques Casterede
  Little Suite of Dances, mvt 1: rag
  Little Suite of Dances, mvt 2: Apache-jungle
  Little Suite of Dances, mvt 3: quasi waltz
Matt van Emmerik Caprice, by Andrew Batterham
  Concert Gallop by Collins
  Folk Dances by Mike Fitzpatrick
Matteson-Phillips TubaJazz Consort Waltzing Matilda
Matthew Allsop Carnival of Venice by Remington
Matthew Dunsmore Carnival of Venice, by Clarke
Matthew Mireles Cafe 1930
  Symphonic Variants - Part 1
  Symphonic Variants - Part 2
  Symphonic Variants - Part 3
Matthew Murchison Dueling Banjos
  Fisher's Hornpipe
  Flight of the Bumblebee
  Gulda Cello Concerto, Mvt 3
  Hard Times Come Again No More
  Inion Ni Scannlain
  Jacinto Chiclana/Oblivion
  Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair
  Love Will Come
  Tango Etude #6 {Piazzolla}
Matthew Van Emmerik Concert Gallop, by Collins
Matthew White Bravura by Peter Graham
  Bravura, by Peter Graham
  Concerto, Mvt 3, by Sparke
  Matthew White gives the euphonium a new voice
Maynard Ferguson {Jazz} Great Guns
McLean Bible Church Quartet Leaning on the Everlasting Arms
Mead-Tropman-Thurman-Robertson Surrey with the Fringe on Top
Michael Böckling & Roman Malysa Ten Bar Galopp - Duet
Michael Böckling und Steffen Laucht Der alte Dessauer
Michael Cavanagh [baritone] Napoli, by Belstedt
Michael Dodd Bluebells of Scotland
  Harlequin - Sparke
Michael Dodds Blue Bells of Scotland
Michel Massot Baloeieros - vocal/euphonium duo
  Yalknavalse mobile - XX
Midwinter Tuba Quintet Radio Fund Raising - Prairie Home Companion
  Tuba Blues - Prairie Home Companion
Misa Akahoshi GAME: 1st mvt, by Pochi
  GAME: 2nd mvt, by Pochi
  GAME: 3rd mvt, by Pochi
  GAME: 4th mvt, by Pochi
Misa Mead Fantasia di Concerto
Misaki Mikami Panache
Mnozil Brass Bic
Nat King Thomas Sweet Substitute
Nate Galerstein Andante by Mendelssohn
Nate Gay Devil's Tongue
neath the Dublin Skies {w. brass band} Richard Kidd
Neil Jansen Scherzo by Edwin Goldman
Nicholas Childs Pantomime by Sparke
North Texas Euphonium Quartet Ball of Fire
  La Virgin de la Macarena - Tuba Solo
  Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square
Nuno Carvalho Carnival of Venice, by Arban
Oktopussy Tuba Orchestra Concert Excerpts
Ost / Voss / Giel / Bousie New Carnival of Venice
Otoniel dos Santos La Belle Americaine
  Rhapsody by Curnow
Otoniel Santos Czardas by Monti
  Piece by Fernando Deddos
Pascal Andres Harlequin by Philip Sparke
Patricio Consentino Adam Frey
Patrick Wibart [Ophicleide] Concerto, by David.
Peter Fischer Devils Tongue [Die Teufelszunge]
Peter Wise Ransomed, by Marshall
Phil Eberly, Bryce Edwards Endearing Young Charms Duet, by Mantia/Werden
Philadelphia Brass Bizarre Brass Holiday Fun
Philipp Renggli Pilatus
Philippe Schwartz Brilliante by Peter Graham
Pranas and Jurgis Dapsauskas Two Friends
Ramon Benitez De Fandango Viejo
Ray Hendricksen Carissima Mia, by Helen Johnston
Ray Somers Blaydon Races
Renato Meli Concertino for Euphonium and Band
Ricardo Molla Concerto for Alto Trombone, Mozart
Rich Matteson {Jazz} Don't Get Around Much Anymore
  Georgia On My Mind
  Mason City Jazz Clinic 1977
  Speaking About Practice and Louis Armstrong
  Unknown Jazz Piece
Richard Demy Concertino, by Rolf Wilhelm, Mvt 1
Richard Kendrick & Mikael Carlsson Brillante
Richard Kidd O Holy Night
Riki McDonnell Carnival Cocktail
  Hamabe No Uta
  Pokarekare Ana
Robbert Vos Brilliante
  Caprice by Ray Woodfield
  Concertino for Euphonium by Marco Putz
  Harlequin by Philip Sparke
  Serenade from The Student Prince
  Zeibekikos by Philip Wilby [concerto, 2nd mvt]
Robert & David Childs Pearl Fishers Duet
Robert Bachner {Jazz} Night, by Frank Schwinn
  Sick Hammond
  Sick Hammond by Heavy Tuba Experience
Robert Childs Carnival of Venice
Robert Vos Song for Ina, by Sparke
Robert Vos and Kevin van Giel Two Part Invention, by Sparke
Robert Worischek Bariton Zwerg
Robin K Langdon and Charley Brighton Softly As I Leave You
Roger Behrend In the Gentle Rain
  Nautical Variations, by Jeff Taylor
  Tre Canzone by Jerry Ascione
  Willson Concerto, Mvt 1 - 2
  Willson Concerto, Mvt 3
Ryunosuke [Pepe] Abe Flower Song from Carmen
  Softly As I Leave You - Duet
  Softly As I Leave You - Duet
Ryunosuke[Pepe] Abe Diamond Concerto[Euphonium Concerto No.3
  Gabriel's Oboe
  Grandfather's Clock
  Pantomime, by Philip Sparke
Salvation Army Parramatta Brass Band The Holly Well
Sam Pilafian {Marching Euphonium} Improvisation
Sarah Spencer and Brenda Conley Babe in a Manger - Duet
Saxhorn Player Variations sur la folia de Marin Marais transcrite
Saxhornia Vitoria Carnaval des Animaux, Extraits
  Promotion Video
  Rituel et Danse by J. Ph. Vanbeselaere
  Rituel et Danse, mvt. 1 part 1
  Rituel et Danse, mvt. 2
  Rituel et Danse, mvt. 2 part 1
Scott Kinmont Concerto by Brendan Collins, Mvt 2
  Concerto by Brendan Collins, Mvt 3
  Concerto by Brendan Collins, Mvt 3
Sergio Casas El dia que me quieras
Shoichiro Hokazono Pantomime by Philip Sparke
  Symphonic Variants {1}
  Symphonic Variants {2}
  Symphonic Variants {3}
St. Louis Low Brass Collective Brazil
Steinar Mørkved Benedictus
Steven and Misa Mead Carmen Fantasy - Duet
Steven Booth [baritone] Broken Melody
Steven Mead Ave Maria Caccini
  Cafe 1930, by Piazzolla
  Carnival of Venice
  Carnival of Venice
  Carnival of Venice {with Gail Robertson}
  Carnival of Venice, by Bimboni
  Carnival of Venice, by Ito
  Concert Promotion
  Concertino by Wilhelm Rolf
  Concerto per Flicorno Basso, Part 1
  Concerto per Flicorno Basso, Part 2
  Danny Boy
  Diamond Concerto, by Philip Sparke
  Diamond Concerto, Mvt 1, by Sparke
  Diamond Concerto, Mvt 2, by Sparke
  Diamond Concerto, Mvt 3, by Sparke
  Elegy by Filippo Cangiamila
  Endearing Young Charms
  Euphonic, by Franz Cibulka
  Euphonium Concerto - Finale Giocoso
  Facilita Improvisation
  Fantasy by Philip Sparke
  Fantasy by Sparke
  Grandfather's Clock Meltdown
  Harlequin - Sparke
  Harlequin by Philip Sparke
  Herlequin by Philip Sparke
  Hora Staccato
  Impromptu Duets with Horn
  In League with Extraordinary Gentlemen, Last Mvt
  Infinite Escape by Frank Gulino
  Interview about H.S. Audition Prep
  Interview by Sarah Willis
  Intervista TV Spot
  Karl-Heinz Köper: DULCAMARATA / part 2
  Kol Nidrei-Adagio On Hebrew Melodies
  Londonderry Air
  Master Class - Part 4 [from Italy]
  Master Class - Part 5 [from Italy]
  Master Class, Part 1 [from Italy]
  Master Class, Part 2 [from Italy]
  Master Class, Part 3 [from Italy]
  Mozart Concerto for Clarinet - Rondo
  Multiphonics demonstration
  Napoli Variations
  Neath the Dublin Skies
  Nessun Dorma
  Paganini Caprice, arr. by Peter Graham
  Paganini Variations 1
  Paganini Variations 2
  Paganini: X. Caprice
  Paganini: XXIV. Caprice
  Pantomime by Sparke
  Pequena Czarda
  Pokarekare Ana
  Preghiera, Lo Scudiero del Re
  Rhapsody for Euphonium by Johan Evenepoel
  Rule Brittania
  Softly As I Leave You - Duet
  Summit - Olympus
  Varied Mood
  Varied Mood
  You Raise My Up
  You-Play-A-What Interview
Steven Mead [baritone horn] Sir Eu - Excerpt
Steven Mead and Boonyarit Kittaweepitak Softly As I Leave You - Duet
Steven Mead and James Gourlay Londonderry Air
Steven Mead and Misa Akahoshi Ave Maria, by Giulio Caccini
  Sonata No.1 for Two Cellos by J B Boismortier
Steven Mead with Croatian Euphonic Brass CD Promo
Stuart Derrick The Cavalier
Stuart Derrick and John Clough Let 'em In
Sverre Olsrud Carnival of Venice
SymbiosisDuo Double Concerto, by James Grant
  Elegy by Jules Massenet
  I Got Your Bach
  Three Florida Orchids
  Various Titles
Takeuchi Kozo Pantomime
Thomas Ruedi Duo Synthesis
  Euphonium Lesson
  Mazurka, by Nicolas Falconi
  Nana, by de Falla
Thomas Ruedi, double-bell euphonium Fantaisie Originale by Picchi
Tobias Epp Pearls, by Szentpali
Tobin Shuch Shostakovich Cello Concerto No. 1, mvt 1
Todd Bransky Barnacle Bill the Sailor
Tom Angelus [baritone horn] Barcarolle from Tales of Hoffman - Duet
Tormod Flaten Andante and Hungarian Rondo - Excerpt
  Brillante, by Graham
  Cello Concerto, by Gulda
  Song, in memoriam Bengt Eklund, by Rydland
Tormod Flaten and Bjorn Breistein Brilliante - Duet
Toru Miura Rhapsody for Euphonium
Travis Anderson and Aaron Vanderweele Pearl Fishers Duet - Deep Inside the Sacred Temple
Travis Hyde Pastorale, by Ewazen
Trevor Groom Carnival of Venice [Remington]
  Euphonium Concerto by Joseph Horovitz - 1st Mvt
  Euphonium Concerto by Joseph Horovitz - 2nd Mvt
  Euphonium Concerto by Joseph Horovitz - 3rd Mvt
  Harmonious Blacksmith
  Home on the Range
  Life's Pageant by Terry Camsey
  Song of the Brother
  Symphonic Rhapsody by Gregson
Unknown Brilliante
  German Band
  Jesus' Love
  Lament: Cry of the Celts
  Unknown - Euphonium Duet
  Verts pâturages {Green Pastures}
Unknown [jazz] Lewinsky March
Unknown Euph Duet - Navy Band Endearing Young Charms
Unknown Euph Duet - Salvation Army Timepiece
Unknown Euph Solo - French Student Composition
Unknown Euphonium Duet Endearing Young Charms
  Frohe Sommernacht Polka
  Grandfather's Clock
Unknown German Euphoniumist Lechner Buam
USCG Euphonium-Tuba Quartet Ramsoe Quartet, 1st Mvt
Vairis Nartiss Concertino Danica by Mogens Andresen
van Frank v.d. Boor The Old Rugged Cross
Vincent Brossard Concerto, Mvt 3, by Vladimir Cosma
Vino Griego Tubaland
Vivian Hawkley Four-Four, by George Doughty
Wilfred Mountain Euphony by Robert Redhead
  Euphony, by Robert Redhead
Will Hess La Virgin de la Macarena
  Vintage, by Gillingham
William Hess Concerto per Flicorno Basso
Wim Reyniers Tisselt - Benedictus

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