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This section offers videos of brass band and brass ensembles. Some the world's best groups are here, including Mnozil Brass, Canadian Brass, German Brass, Black Dyke Brass, New York Staff Band, Brassband 'De Bazuin' Oenkerk, Chicago Brass, Gaudete Brass Quintet, Georg Solti Brass Ensemble, Harmonic Brass, tenThing Brass Ensemble, Appalachian Brass Orchestra and others.

Columbus Brass Band Collection - National Emblem - March

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Category: Brass Band/Ensemble
Artist: Columbus Brass Band
Title: National Emblem - March

Brass Band of Columbus founder and Director Emeritus Dr. Paul Droste takes the baton [and a German Alpine hat] to lead the band in E.E. Bagley's immortal National Emblem march at the 46th Columbus Oktoberfest. Watch for a dose of KLK [kute little kid] toward the end...

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