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This section offers videos of brass band and brass ensembles. Some the world's best groups are here, including Mnozil Brass, Canadian Brass, German Brass, Black Dyke Brass, New York Staff Band, Brassband 'De Bazuin' Oenkerk, Chicago Brass, Gaudete Brass Quintet, Georg Solti Brass Ensemble, Harmonic Brass, tenThing Brass Ensemble, Appalachian Brass Orchestra and others.

Sirius Brass - Bach Praludium C-Dur

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Category: Brass Band/Ensemble
Artist: Sirius Brass
Title: Bach Praludium C-Dur

New Year Concert 2009 Pratteln Culture

Musical border crossings full of virtuosity - Sound - Groove

With its impressive wide repertoire of Johann Sebastian Bach to Elton John, the international virtuoso of SIRIUS BRASS master of musical crossover. In her music combines historical and modern authenticity with the spirit and the emotional six young people this time. You sound unspent fabulous, passionate and playful.

The musicians [in alphabetical order]

Greg Flynn - Trombone
Misha T. Meyer - trombone
Marco Nussbaumer - Trumpet
Heinz Sauer - Trumpet
Cyrill Schaub - Tuba
Adrian Walker - trombone

This top-jazz trio Pure pleasure guaranteed! Here merge three musicians of international stature to a musical trilogy with tactile thrill, which is looking into this line-peer. The press writes: "In addition to the highest musical potency of each individual soloists, the trio fascinated by sound and harmonious diversity - coupled with rhythmic style as instinctive certainty!"

The musicians [in alphabetical order]

George Fleury - organ, bass pedal, keys, vocoder
Thomas Moeckel - guitar, horns, vocal, scatting
Marco Schudel - drums, percussion

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