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Music titles previously published by Whaling Music are now available through Cimarron Music & Productions. The following links will take you to listings of the music, complete with Cimarron's catalog number. Please contact them directly to order (contact information is at the bottom of the page).
Sheet Music Categories
Euphonium/Tuba Quartets
Brass Quartets and Quintets
Brass Solos with Piano
Woodwind Solo and Ensemble
Solos with Band
Sound Samples of Music

For More Information Contact:
Cimarron Music & Productions
722 Cimarron Trail
Irving, TX 75063
Voice: 972-506-9033
fax: 972-506-9043
toll-free order line: 800-346-9060

Email: [email protected]

Web Site: www.cimarronmusic.com



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