Jazz Euphoniumist Tom Ball compiled a free set of recordings with an accompanying booklet to help players develop a good ear for intonation. In his words:

"It is a series of 2 minute drones on all 12 chromatic pitches. It is a great tool for practicing pitch matching, interval tuning, tune scales, chords, improv, etc. I have also posted a booklet about just/even tempered tuning explanation and some ideas on how to use the drones. You will need to download each track separately. They are in Mp3 format. The booklet is in PDF format. I hope people will find this tool useful and enjoyable to use. Similar products are on the market for $20 or more. I thought it would be silly to charge money for this because it was so easy to make."

You can download the individual files, linked below, or you can download a Zip file with all 13 files included (smaller download, more convenient).





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