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Thread: For Sale Query leads to "new directions" in euphonium music

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    For Sale Query leads to "new directions" in euphonium music

    So one of our members reached out to me recently re: a Sterling Virtuoso he saw for sale at a local music store on consignment. We live in the same area. He wondered if it was my Sterling that I was putting up for sale. I assured him that it was not mine because I'm not dead yet and no one will pry it from my fingers before that time. But our personal message chats re: the Sterling, which he said he's seen a few of for sale in our area recently, led to him revealing that he himself founded and is first euphonium in a SF Bay Area British-style Brass band. I told him I'm looking to join one more locally and he pointed me to a local-to-me-band that practices at a music store that another band I belong to practices at. He said they are always looking to add euphonium and baritone players. They just happen to be playing at our upcoming summer in the park multiband 2-days-of-performance event this weekend. The short of the story is that I contacted the director of that group, will be having a conversation in the flesh with him this weekend, and will very likely be joining his band in the fall. This will be my first British-style Brass band, and so I've got homework to do this summer reacquainting myself with treble clef, something I haven't done much since high school more than 50 years ago. But I'm excited. This particular band, like many in the US, is heavily influenced by Salvation Army music and has several members, including the director, who are longtime Salvation Army players. I've always loved encountering Salvation Army bands on my trips here and there and I'm very much encouraged that I will soon have the opportunity to see what a British-style brass band feels like form the inside as a member of the euphonium section. All thanks to my having acquired a Sterling Virtuoso some months ago.
    Arnold (Arnie) Williams
    Sterling Virtuoso Euphonium with Gold Brass bell (Capitol Pops Band, Capitol Pops Tuba Euphonium Quartet)
    Yamaha YBH-831S Neo Baritone Horn (Joyous Brass, First Baritone)
    Yamaha YBH-301M Marching Baritone (Ophir Prison Marching Kazoo Band and Temperance Society LMTD)
    Yamaha YEP-830 Xeno Bass Trombone (Sacramento Concert Band)
    Euphonium: DW Heritage 4AL (main); K&G 3D (Ophir Prison Band)
    Bass Trombone: Ferguson M Series Jeff Reynolds

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    That's great Arnie - fascinating story of how one thing leads to another! I am sure you will have a great time with the new group.
    - Scott

    Euphoniums: Dillon 967, Monzani MZEP-1150S, Dillon 1067 (kidís horn)
    Bass Trombones: Greenhoe GB5-3G, Getzen 1052FDR, JP232
    King Jiggs P-bone


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