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Thread: Besson BE-165 replacement valve buttons

  1. Besson BE-165 replacement valve buttons

    Can anyone point me in the right direction toward some no-inlay, solid metal piston buttons that'll fit my Besson BE-165, preferably concave on top?


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    Hmmm. Good question. Check Steve Mead’s site?

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    I would indeed check the euphoniumstore website, or the Dawkes website, they also have instrument parts.

  4. Good info (for far more than valve buttons, obviously) ... much appreciated!

    Can anyone tell me if any other makes' / models' buttons will fit?

    My last option--getting other buttons re-threaded.

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    The Miraphone 5050 Ambassador have concave finger buttons but do have pearl inserts. Not sure if the thread size would fit your horn though. A search for information on that came up empty.

    Below are a couple of images of what the the finger buttons on the M5050 look like and the thread. Sorry, don't have a way to measure the thread.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Finger buttons M5050.jpeg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Finger button tread.jpeg 
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  6. Dawkes may be able to take care of me--Besson 1000 Series buttons--seems pretty likely to me they'll fit.

    But those Miraphone buttons (real pearl) are definitely on the menu if I can find out they fit, or if I don't find Besson that both fit the bill, and my horn.

    I don't dislike pearl at all--just not when it sticks up and makes the flat surface smaller. Those buttons are really nice, besides being the functional shape I'm after for my clumsy, trombone player fingers.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Baron von Bone View Post
    Dawkes may be able to take care of me--Besson 1000 Series buttons--seems pretty likely to me they'll fit.
    The thread probably won't fit, the 1000 series is British made, so inch pitch, while the 165 is metric pitch.
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  8. I won't be shocked if that turns out to be the case. Apparently at least not the 1000 series euphoniums, but aren't most Besson euphoniums (brass?) made in Germany these days?

    In any case, they should be getting back with me soon (whatever that actually means), once they're back on the job for the week.

    If they won't fit I'll just be switching to the much bigger re-tap menu.

  9. Well, Dawkes said the 1000 series will fit my BE-165, so I ordered a set ... we'll see.

    They have to order them, so it'll be a little while--not a problem.

    I have a set of Yamaha buttons on my Weril that I've "properly" cross-threaded (and they're lacquered brass on a silver plated horn), but it's early for that kind of thing with my Besson--haven't had it long enough for it to have even developed any tarnish yet--heh.


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