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Thread: The Internet is Forever - Holst Second Suite in F

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Morgan View Post
    Nice job! I can't totally tell who is playing because the camera was on the euphoniums for such a short time. Which one are you? Sorry for being an idiot. I think that is you on the left as I am looking at the band. But I could be wrong, I don't see too well.
    Thank you. You would be correct in your guess. I’m better looking today. The tomboy me was an awkward phase.

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    Lots of returning players here. It is encouraging. I stopped playing in 1989. Held on to my euphonium till around 2002 then sold it. (A Holton-branded YEP-321 stencil) Bought a Schiller in 2011 and goofed around on it for a year or so. Started playing regularly again just last fall.
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    You sound great! Nice phrasing, full sound and tone and flawless intonation. The interval from the D to the G is tough and you nailed it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anadmai View Post
    I might have a cassette of this performance. [snip] And let’s go for broke and ask the bigger question… do I still have a cassette player? [snip]
    I had a similar problem - lots of reel-to-reel tapes of old performances (piano/organ), and my old Sony tape player had given up the ghost. I arranged with a digitizing company to transfer my tapes to WAV format and save on USB memory sticks. Then I transferred them to my computer, checked the EQ, cleaned up tape hiss and saved them in FLAC format. The cost was far less than buying a new reel-to-reel player.

    The only bad point was listening to the recordings from an older perspective and realizing how my younger self couldn't tell the difference between playing real fast and making good music...
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    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelSchott View Post
    You sound great! Nice phrasing, full sound and tone and flawless intonation. The interval from the D to the G is tough and you nailed it.
    The me of ages past thanks you.

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    I found the audio recording of this concert!!! The cassette is good quality. Looks like a legit recording company was used.

    I wonder if they’re still in business.

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