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Thread: Anyone know this song?

  1. Anyone know this song?

    Hey all. New to the forum and coming back to euphonium after 16 years of not playing... I bought a wessex dolce a week ago and am trying to find music I used to play. I've gotten a bunch of stuff but there's one song I liked that I can't remember the name of or really anything about... I just remember one line which i attached me playing poorly... let me know if you know it. Could be trumpet or euphonium piece not really sure..
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    Welcome to the forum and (back to) euphonium playing!

    The piece is "Scherzo" by Goldman. Here is the sheet music:

    And here is a recording of Brian Bowman playing the solo while touring with the U.S. Bicentennial Band:

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  3. Wow, thank you! Thats it! ordering now. Appreciate it!


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