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Thread: Beautiful Besson 2052 - For Sale

  1. Beautiful Besson 2052 - For Sale

    I got a great deal on this one, but I am emotionally attached to my 1966 New Standard and I don’t play enough euphonium to keep both of them.

    This is a wonderful 2014 - Besson 2052 that I just had ultrasonic cleaned and it is ready to go.

    There are very small (normal usage) scratches in a couple places that I could not get to show up in photos and a small ping in the bell that I tried to capture in one of the pictures, but it really is in nice shape.

    It will come with a Miraphone gig bag, Warburton Demondrae Mouthpiece and gold Wick SM4U (the Wick’s shank is a bit out of round, but still very playable)

    Feel free to ask any questions and payment will be via PayPal.

    *sold pending funds.
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  2. Adding pictures

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Very nice!

    So, what’s the “birthday” on this horn?
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  4. I am almost certain it is 2017, but I will double check when I get home.


  5. I was mistaken. This horn was made in 2014 (verified on the mouthpiece receiver).

  6. Everyone loves a Cyber Monday Sale!

    Let’s try $4000 shipped before I try other methods of selling.

  7. Unfortunately, I won't receive my 2022 bonus until Feb. 2023. I'm looking to upgrade and I'll be looking to see if it's still available. Thanks!
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    So is this still available?

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