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Thread: Home spit-valve solution

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    Home spit-valve solution

    I've been playing Euph again since early September, however today was the first time the subject of where I empty the water from my horn came up with long-term girlfriend. When it was revealed that I was just emptying it on the carpet as I had when I was in middle and high school living at my parents' house, she became very upset (she doesn't do well with spit or anything that can be interpreted as such). I have agreed to put a towel down to empty my horn onto, however I'm wondering if there is some new-fangled device or solution one of you has heard of to dispose of the "spit" from the horn. Let me know if you've come across anything!
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    I also use a towel on the ground, and whenever I need to pull slides to empty them I just pour them into the sink.

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    Largely because of COVID, I purchased one of these for use at church. It is quite effective!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The solution I chose was to use a typical cafeteria tray with a microfiber towel - absorbs, solid barrier protecting carpet/pad/floor, and it slides under my chair when not practicing.
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    Ever since I started back to playing I’ve used a black hand towel at home to catch the water (90% is water or condensation) from the spit valve. Since Covid I also use one at band rehearsal and on stage for concerts. Just have to remember to remove towel from inside the bell where I put it after rehearsal or concert after I get home.
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    When we buy Stouffer's Lasagna at the grocery store (frozen foods), it comes in a sort of plastic like container for cooking. After we cook and eat it, I wash out the container, and it makes an excellent vessel for emptying my spit valves and slides. When done practicing, I just slide it under a piece of furniture (bookshelf) in my music room. This idea works around home. I now have several, so I should always have a good, serviceable one for use. At rehearsal, I usually use a drip cloth/towel, and when done with rehearsal, put it in a Ziplock plastic bag. Every so often, Linda will wash the cloth for me.
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  7. At home I use yesterday's (or last week's) newspaper. It's coming in regulary and easy to dispose after use. Even for teaching/rehearsing in my home studio I have always plenty at hand. When playing at other places I have always a towel with me.
    The towel works great, last week my trombone neighbour spilled a bottle of beer onto it, but the floor stayed dry!


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