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Thread: F A Reynolds

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    Looks very similar to a Holton design, not saying there was any connection.
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    [QUOTE=Bill O';164778]
    heres the inside of the bell

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    Ok...ii give up...sorry about the bad image links. If I can figure it out I'll post more images. Valve slides are out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill O' View Post
    Ok...ii give up...sorry about the bad image links. If I can figure it out I'll post more images. Valve slides are out!
    When you make a post, there are icons at the top of the box you are writing in. Click the one with a dot in each corner (drag your mouse over the icons until you see "Insert Image" - that is the one you want). It will ask you for a picture. Find one on your PC and you can upload it right inside the message you are writing. It is way easier to do this then what you are attempting with your links. And put your cursor to where you want the picture within your message. You can load multiple pictures this way, one right after the other. Try it!
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    Thank you! And ...Thank You for your service!

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    F.A. Reynolds images as they were meant to be!

    1940s FA Reynolds....military issue. Bore size .560 . 11.25 in bell. 30 in , overall length
    I have all the slides out. I put one image of the 3rd valve slide just to give you
    An idea of the horns condition. It still needs cleaning!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 20221105_133120.jpg   20221108_154158.jpg   20221105_132731.jpg   20221105_132923.jpg   20221105_132958.jpg  

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    Definitely the same style as my Reynolds US trumpet.
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