Hello fellow forum members (smile). I am posting because I actually want to get you all's advice on a few recordings. I have been trying to expand my tastes in brass music lately. There are a couple composters who have caught my ear while casually listening to the local classical music station: Maurice Revel and Gustav Mahler. I was hoping that you could recommend a few good albums featuring these composers. I am hoping to hear something that is a cross section of their music, played by groups who do them justice. Something of a "Greatest Hits" for each of them, as played by top tier groups. It is hard because most of what I am finding has a piece or two, but it is mixed in with a bunch of other composers. That doesn't give me the concentrated dose I am looking for, so I can figure out if I like them or not.

So, which recordings would YOU recommend by Revel and/or Mahler? Who put out the best version of them?

Thanks in advance (grin)! - Sara